• The Changing Customer Footprint

    One of the consequences of the COVID-19 lockdown was the sudden shift away from traditional modes of financial services, notably the branch, to internet-based services. Whether the end user is a trader, an analyst, an actuary, a business owner, or a consumer, they will have been affected by these changes. These changes are likely to become more ingrained over time.

  • 3 Ways COVID-19 Is Changing FSI Working Practices

    Since the emergence of novel coronavirus, or Covid-19, many businesses have had to adjust their business strategies and processes, shifting the focus away from central offices to home services for both customers and employees. This reduces to a minimum the chances of exposure to the virus but puts pressure on IT departments to keep work and working safe.

  • Unexpected Side Effects: How COVID-19 Affected Our Click Habits

    Phishing has been around for ages and continues to be one of the most common threats that businesses and home users face today. But it’s not like we haven’t all been hearing about the dangers of phishing for years. So why do people still click?

  • Cyber Resilience For Business Continuity

    “Ten years ago, you didn’t see state actors attacking [small businesses]. But it’s happening now,” warns George Anderson, product marketing director at Carbonite + Webroot, OpenText companies.

  • The Role Of Hybrid IT In FSI Customer-Centricity

    Challenger banks have shown what’s possible in the Financial Services sector – new ways of banking, trading as well as modelling and managing risk. As financial services brands consider the next five years, hybrid IT offers the greatest flexibility for developing next generation products and services.


  • Colocation: The Strategy That Will Enable The Networks And Data Centers Of Your Organization’s Future

    Banking technology leadership must now create an IT environment capable of supporting the huge demand for data availability, and maintain enough flexibility to allow for future developments. This requires particular attention to the connectivity infrastructure that underpins new data centers and the evolving global network. And for many data center managers, CIOs and CTOs, that means considering a colocation strategy. 

  • COVID-19 Clicks: How Phishing Capitalized On A Global Crisis

    As a cybercriminal tactic, phishing is not new. In fact, one of the very first records of the term appeared in an early internet “cracking” application in January of 1996. Despite its age, phishing continues to be one of the most pervasive cyber threats individuals and businesses face. When technology moves at today’s astonishing rates, why is such an old method of internet trickery still so common? The answer is simple: because it’s still wildly successful. Perhaps the more important question, then, is: why are people still clicking? 

  • Debunking The Top Five Myths About Ransomware And SMBs

    SMBs have limited time and IT resources, and a lot on their plates – especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Unfortunately, SMBs have become the biggest target for ransomware attacks, and they need to face the harsh truth that ransomware can wreak havoc with data, budget and reputation. 


  • APG Cash Drawer, LLC

    For more than 30 years, APG Cash Drawer has been designing and delivering cash drawers with a variety of size, color, interface, and integration options. An APG cash drawer will provide years of smooth, trouble free service with virtually no downtime, no service required, and no headaches. Our cash drawers are so well constructed and so reliable that our customers install them and forget them - even in the most demanding environments.

  • The ASCII Group

    The ASCII Group is a vibrant community of independent MSPs, VARS and solution providers in North America. The organization offers members leveraged purchasing programs, education and training, knowledge sharing among peers, discounts on business services, and more. Founded in 1984 by Alan Weinberger, ASCII is the oldest and largest group of independent IT solution providers, integrators and VARS in the world.

  • Shift4 Payments

    Shift4 Payments is a leading national provider of touch-screen point of sale (POS) systems and payment processing services. As pioneers of the “as a service” model, Shift4 Payments offers an unprecedented “free” POS program that allows the company’s sales partners to offer a full-featured POS system with no up-front costs.

  • RSPA
    RSPA stands for Retail Solutions Providers Association. We are the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry.  


  • Carbonite

    Carbonite is a leading, single-source provider for comprehensive data protection for all the different types of data and systems in today’s IT environments. Carbonite’s complete Data Protection Platform includes advanced solutions for ensuring the integrity, survivability and accessibility of data for businesses of all sizes and in any industry. 

  • CompTIA

    CompTIA is the voice of the world's information technology (IT) industry.


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According to Gartner, at least 50 percent of the security market will be service-based by 2020. Worldwide spending on IT security will grow by 8.7 percent, while general IT spending will increase by just 3.2 percent. And this was all before the COVID-19 pandemic increased security concerns. VAR Insights has compiled an ebook to help you determine if you’re positioned to meet these challenges. It's authored by industry leaders and we're sure it will help you avoid some common mistakes.

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    How can you continue to focus on your areas of expertise and not have your clients ‘snapped’ up by larger security firms? Learn why security and compliance are key business drivers and how a security audit can be an additional source of income for MSPs (especially those with clients in highly regulated industries).

  • 10 Things To Remember When Reopening Your Office After COVID-19

    COVID-19 isn’t over—hardly—but across the U.S., increasing numbers of communities are planning to or starting to relax restrictions that will enable more businesses to open and allow employees to head back to the office—many for the first time in several months.

  • Canceled By COVID-19? Here’s How To Pivot Your In-Person Meeting Into A Virtual Success

    Someday, we’ll all look back at March 2020 as the time when COVID-19 spread so quickly, we moved from rumors and question marks in the U.S. to a full-scale global pandemic in seemingly no time. It also shook our businesses and our lives to the core. We may even demarcate our own lives in two periods: pre-coronavirus and post-coronavirus.

  • What Are QR Codes And How Are They Changing The Payments Industry?

    Driven by consumers and merchants alike, contactless payment is becoming more and more omnipresent. Though relatively new to the contactless payments’ scene, QR codes are quickly making their way to the top of the list of solutions your customers prefer.

  • How VARs Can Help Clients Safely Reopen

    Michael Russo, Chief Technology Officer at Shift4, has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality and healthcare technology space, building cutting-edge software products, leading agile teams, driving strategic business initiatives, and developing go-to-market strategies. Russo took the time to speak with VAR Insights about how to help merchants struggling to reopen, new payment methods, and what emerging technologies VARs need to be aware of.

  • Five Best Practices For Managing Your Business Through A Crisis Or Disaster

    When faced with a crisis or disaster, whether it’s a fire, flood, pandemic, cyberattack or security breach, it can be daunting for solution providers and other channel firms to know where to focus their efforts. Issues that need immediate attention may range from restoring networks and service to evaluating staffing to troubleshooting IT supply chain problems, but other, longer-term challenges may also require resources and consideration as well.


  • Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

    Advanced Detection and Protection Against Malware, Ransomware, Phishing, and More.

  • Cash Drawer Caddy™ SPM Organizer

    Sleek and streamlined, the Caddy™ SPM cleans up your work space cabling and allows positioning of your LCD display for greater productivity. Reposition your LCD to organize your POS workstation with just a touch.

  • Carbonite Recover

    Carbonite Recover is a DRaaS offering that securely replicates critical systems from a primary environment to the Carbonite cloud. This ensures an up-to-date secondary copy is available for failover at any moment, minimizing downtime as well as costs.

  • SMARTtill™ Cash Management Solution


    The SMARTtill® Solution is a new revolution in cash management, enabling retailers to reduce cash losses, reduce the cost of cash handling, and improve in-store productivity.