• Bring your own device (BYOD) for the remote workforce has enabled businesses to pivot to the new work style with speed and effectiveness. While today’s enterprise can embrace the many positives of the move to a remote workforce, security teams must tackle the arduous task of providing robust security to remote endpoints in the face of an escalating threat landscape.

  • It's been almost a year since Gartner declared hyperautomation (automating as many processes as possible) as one of its top trends for 2022. It was undoubtedly a reflection of the economic climate at the time. Pulling away from the strings of Covid was imperative. Investment in securing the supply chain and creating more efficiencies to manage costs were being prioritized and, as Gartner evangelized, automation was, and is, one of the most effective ways to achieve both goals.

  • What’s one of the top things every channel reseller must prioritize in 2023? It’s figuring out ways to boost data security for their clients, to help protect them from ever-evolving cyberthreats and reduce the risk that they’ll fall victim to a data breach. Most of your clients could benefit from a stronger cybersecurity foundation beyond a single layer of cybersecurity. A multi-layered cybersecurity approach is what’s needed to strengthen your clients’ data security in the face of today’s sophisticated ransomware attackers.




  • The ASCII Group is a vibrant community of independent MSPs, VARS and solution providers in North America. The organization offers members leveraged purchasing programs, education and training, knowledge sharing among peers, discounts on business services, and more. Founded in 1984 by Alan Weinberger, ASCII is the oldest and largest group of independent IT solution providers, integrators and VARS in the world.

  • At apg® we believe that brick-and-mortar retail connects people to their community, to each other, and drives business success. For more than 40 years, we have been supplying your communities and their retail and hospitality businesses with cash drawers through various partner channels.

  • CompTIA is the voice of the world's information technology (IT) industry.

  • RSPA stands for Retail Solutions Providers Association. We are the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry.  



  • The Arlo cash drawer delivers uncompromising performance and quality, providing a low cost of ownership for light cash use environments. Purpose-built for the entry-level market, the Arlo cash drawer is easy to use enabling efficiency throughout the checkout process.


  • The MSP’s Guide To Building A Better Cloud Practice: Tips From MSPs For MSPs

    As small and medium businesses (SMBs) continue to shift their workloads to the cloud, managed service providers (MSPs) can take advantage of this trend by building a cloud practice. Offering cloud-based managed services enables MSPs to better support customers moving workloads to the cloud and create new revenue streams.

  • A Comprehensive Ransomware Protection: Detection, Response, And Recovery

    Ransomware attacks can have serious financial implications for businesses, and ransom payment is just one complication. The business downtime associated with an attack can cripple revenue generation and the reputational damage to an organization that has been breached can take years to overcome.

  • The MSP’s Guide To Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery On Azure

    As cloud adoption continues to grow among small and medium businesses (SMBs), Microsoft Azure has emerged as a popular option. When SMBs run workloads in Azure, they agree to a shared responsibility model. In this model, the cloud provider (Microsoft) assumes responsibility for the security and protection of the physical data centers, hosts, and network, while the user is responsible for everything else—including information and data, applications, and more.

  • BCDR Buyer’s Guide For MSPs

    When a client’s server goes down or is compromised in a cyberattack, managed service providers (MSPs) need an effective business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution to restore data and operations quickly, without sacrificing margin. That means industry-leading recovery technology from a vendor that is there to support you 24x7x365, no matter what. Simply put, you need a solution you can rely on. One that delivers peace of mind—for you and your clients.