News | November 13, 2023

National Computer Corporation (NCC) Announces Strategic Partnership With Platinum Relations

Source: National Computer Corporation Inc
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National Computer Corporation (NCC), a leading provider of innovative software solutions, is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Platinum Relations, a merchant services provider. This collaboration reinforces the commitment both organizations have to reliable and cost-effective solutions for businesses in the restaurant and retail industries. With a shared dedication to excellence and a track record of delivering seamless services, NCC and Platinum Relations are ready to offer clients a new payment processing solution.

"We understand each Reseller will have different factors they find important in a payments partner, and NCC wants to make sure we are offering relationships that hit those different values." said Chuck Prince, President at NCC. "We believe Platinum Relations will resonate with many of our Resellers."

Platinum Relations, a company known for its customer-centric approach and commitment to merchant satisfaction, shares NCC's vision of empowering businesses with robust technologies. The company brings a wealth of knowledge and dependable processing solutions to this relationship.

“We consider ourselves fortunate to become part of the NCC family, and we’re looking forward to demonstrating our unwavering dedication to providing value to our partners on a daily basis,” says Dave Beneteau, President at Platinum Relations. “Regardless of your decision to do business with us, our goal is to be a trusted resource and supportive friend to all.”

Both NCC and Platinum Relations have built their reputations on a foundation of trust, reliability, and cost-effective technologies. This collaboration will undoubtedly drive payment integrations and improve client offerings.

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Since it was first founded in 1986, National Computer Corporation has been continually innovating to provide businesses in the hospitality and retail sectors with advanced technology that addresses the challenges they face. With a solid understanding of restaurant and retail operations, NCC’s team of software engineers design solutions based on the needs and goals of business owners. NCC’s products are available through a global channel of qualified resellers and have been installed in over 35 different countries. For more information, visit