Newsletter | January 30, 2024

01.30.24 -- Everything You Need To Know About Integration Systems


Everything You Need To Know About Integration Systems

apg is a global manufacturer of cash management solutions and POS peripherals whose products are utilized by retail and hospitality providers in over 90 countries. As such, apg is an expert source to define and explain the importance of integration systems – offerings designed to offer retailers the ability to maximize space at the point of sale for seamless transactions. Read on to learn how a better understanding of integration systems can help you win and keep retail clients.

Fundamental Cybersecurity For Managed Service Providers

Developed by subject matter experts who are members of the CompTIA ISAO, this white paper provides the fundamental aspects of cybersecurity that a managed technology solutions business serving small to medium businesses needs to understand and implement. It is meant to help anyone seeking guidance on — or is maybe overwhelmed by — implementing sound, best practice cybersecurity operations, technology, and behavior.