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  1. Employers Be Prepared: H-1B Visa Petitions Are Under Attack By Trump Administration

    The H-1B visa is one of the most important immigration law options to employ foreign workers on a temporary basis, and because it is viewed as the option for skilled professional positions that require at least a bachelor’s degree (U.S. or foreign equivalent), technology companies typically hire more H-1B workers than any other sector. For experienced immigration practitioners, H-1B petition approvals have generally been considered to be routine, but the Trump administration’s attack on the H-1B visa petition has changed this long-standing perception.

  2. How Your Firm Can Thrive In The Age Of Commoditization

    If you currently use a traditional approach to marketing — seeking face time with prospects, sponsoring events, and advertising for new business — get ready for a radical departure.

  3. Bending The Cost Curve: Is Your IT Organization Leaving Your Chips On The Table?

    Don't walk away from a process improvement project until you have put financial value around the expected gain and tied that back to your organization's key financial metrics. When you score a winning hand, use these methods to ensure that all those chips make it into your pocket.

  4. Theft Prevention: Information Security When Employees Leave

    Planning for information security is now a routine part of any company’s normal operations. Although much of the counsel regarding cyber and information preparedness focuses on compliance objectives and on minimizing third-party liability, the plain truth is securing the confidential information held by your company is a big part of preserving your bottom line. For third-party service entities such as software or SaaS and managed service providers (MSPs), the incentive to protect confidential information may come both from self-interest and from the need to keep customer material secured.

  5. Challenges Facing Small Business SaaS Resellers

    Let’s face it: the SaaS distribution channel is growing slower than we had all hoped.As a reseller of GoDaddy, Hootsuite, G Suite, and Evernote it’s a challenge I face daily. And, while my experience reselling software is quite varied, I have uncovered a few common roadblocks.

  6. Is The Tsunami Of On-Premise Mail Migrations Finally Over?

    Our company was one of the first IT service providers in our area to embrace the change from on-prem to cloud hosted email. It gave us a surprising advantage in the local market as prospects were itching to cut expenses and were already familiar with the concept of “the cloud” due to a tremendous amount of marketing around the subject.

  7. Banking On Disaster

    Given enough time a disaster will inevitably happen and time spent planning for said disaster is never poorly spent. Beyond providing a higher degree of service to clients, disaster planning can be incorporated into an enhanced services package if not a separate line item billed on a recurring basis. While a small business owner needs to anticipate and prepare for a wide array of occurrences, there are a few things every quality POS reseller must be prepared for.

  8. Running Fast, Effective Meetings In 4 Steps

    How about a quick show of virtual hands — who loves meetings? Immortalized in countless movies, poorly run meetings are the bane of anyone’s work day. Many meetings — even in small business — are boring, ineffective, and wasteful. The good news is we can fix this, together.

  9. 4 Key Factors In Cross-Selling Services Effectively

    Cross-selling services delivers a variety of critical benefits to a firm, yet executives are all too often confounded by the difficulties cross-selling presents.Actually, the reason cross-selling services has become so difficult is usually no mystery: The simple, uncomfortable truth is your clients just don’t understand what you do., at least. It’s also a proven way to make the most out of existing accounts and add more value to each client relationship by selling not only the services the client originally hired you to provide, but also complementary services that are equally appropriate.

  10. Discovering The Gold In Candidates Requires Changes In Recruiting

    As work in general becomes increasingly specialized, organizations are focusing more on candidates with the specific skills needed to compete in the global marketplace. In other words, they are less concerned with who someone is and more focused on what they can do. This change, of course, is a challenge for recruiters since many candidates have not come to this realization yet. Recruiters still receive reams of traditional resumes which force them to dig through mountains of glowing but irrelevant language to find the gold they need.