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  1. Cybersecurity Services: The Ugly

    Technology is evolving so quickly with infinite opportunities and potential pitfalls. Blockchain, quantum computing, 5G, and self-driving cars — here we go, enjoy the ride!

  2. What To Do When Your Heart Is No Longer In Your MSP But You Can’t Leave

    There may be a number of reasons a person will want to leave the business but still own it. When it is time to leave your business because your heart is simply no longer in it, here are some tips to help you transition to an absentee owner.

  3. 8 Steps To Keeping Your Company’s Online Reputation Spotless

      At some point, as business owners, we must assess the size and scope of intangible value such as brand, reputation, goodwill, and intellectual assets. These items can comprise upwards of 70 percent of the overall value of our businesses.

  4. Best Processes For Onboarding New Clients

    The onboarding process is your new client’s first true exposure to your firm’s support process. If done successfully, it cements a productive and profitable relationship. If done poorly, it makes your firm look disorganized and unprepared.

  5. Cybersecurity Resolutions: Reevaluate These 3 Components Of The Security Infrastructure In 2019

    As each year winds down, we tend to look at the coming new year with hope and determination. We will get on that treadmill, we will eat less cake, and we will adopt sound security principals. However, the reality is, we change very little from year to year. That is until something happens to shock our systems.

  6. Cybersecurity Services: The Bad

    How does an MSP owner or decision maker navigate the plethora of solutions to create a seamless, cohesive cyber defense strategy? There is no single answer, other than experience, and/or partnering with expertise.

  7. The War On Ransomware: 4 Lessons Learned From The Trenches

    A comprehensive ransomware strategy is the only realistic way forward for today’s organizations. If you’re relying on a status quo which hasn’t been battle-tested in the face of complex ransomware attacks, you’ll likely be in for quite the surprise when they do hit.

  8. Are You Destroying The Value Of Your Company?

    With cybersecurity in IT booming, MSPs are complaining about the commoditization of IT. How does the techie-turn-business owner handle this? Should they accept their value proposition is not unique and their clients and potential clients can get comparable IT service and support from their phone, internet, and copier company? I don’t think so. This “race to the bottom” is simply a distraction and diminishes any focus on value. You can either embrace commoditization or embrace sales and marketing.

  9. The State Of VARs, 2019: Security And Education

    A coworker was telling me he hasn’t seen a Top Ten Films of 2018 list that doesn’t include Roma. That same concept can be applied to 2019 VAR predictions: try and find a list that doesn’t include security and education in some way, shape, or form at or near the top. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

  10. So You Want To Transfer Ownership Of Your IT Business?

    Sometimes, the next leader of your company is right inside your family. Let’s assume your children have been a part of your company for as long as they remember and want to take on the company to let you retire. How would you structure something like this?