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  1. How Thought Leadership Drives VAR, MSP Sales

    Operating as a VAR or MSP is inherently unique, bringing with it an unconventional set of challenges. One of those challenges is positioning yourself as a trusted advisor. Elizabeth Harr, an accomplished entrepreneur and experienced executive who heads the technology services team at Hinge, took time to speak with The Business Solutions Network about how to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry and positively impact your company’s growth.

  2. Apple In The Channel: You In?

    Seven historically valid reasons for VARs and MSPs to ignore Apple, and seven counterpoints on why that might be a mistake today.

  3. Is There ROI On AI For VARs And MSPs?

    CafeX VP of Data Analytics Allan McGowan makes the financial case for "pragmatic AI" as a first opportunity for resellers, dealers, and integrators to leverage AI as part of their offering — especially in the contact center and telecom space.

  4. If You Don’t Answer This Question, Your Strategy Is Doomed To Failure

    Before we get to the single most important question you need to answer when setting strategy, let’s start with a simple exercise. Imagine your boss (or your board of directors) instructed you to buy a car for the company. Easy enough, right? But should you get one of top 10 fastest cars in the world or a car with the best gas mileage? Or maybe one with the most seats? You get the idea — you can’t make a good choice without answering a fundamental question: What is the goal?

  5. Why A POS Solutions Provider Is Building A $10 Million Office

    Why is a scrappy, bootstrapped IT services company splurging on zip lines and basketball courts for its new 34,000 sqaure foot office building? After all, BNG Holdings didn’t earn a 133 percent three-year growth rate and a spot on the Inc. 5000 list by spending frivolously. Brady Nash and the co-founders of BNG Holdings started dreaming of building a Google-like work environment in Fargo, ND while they were still 18 and 19-year-old college kids selling telecom and cable services for a multi-level marketing company. Fast forward a little more than 10 years later, and the technology company sees real estate as just one more way BNG is diversifying its portfolio.

  6. 6 Steps To Shortening Your Sales Cycle

    From filling the funnel with marketing activities to engaging the prospect in a sales conversation, here are six tips for improving the process you use to move a prospective buyer from interest to revenue.

  7. VARs And MSPs - Harness The Most Powerful Sales Tool That's Hiding In Plain Sight

    "I need more leads!"  "I need more sales!"  I hear these phrases a lot when working with MSPs and other IT Solution Providers. I’d be a gazillionare if I had a dollar every time I hear these phrases. Everyone is looking for the latest sales gadget / software / whatever that is going to help them get more leads and close sales.  Unfortunately, getting more leads doesn't always equate to more sales.

  8. How Alphanumeric Aced A 58-School Higher Education Installation

    In a recent interview, VARinsights.com spoke with Rob Vanderberry, Senior Account Manager for Alphanumeric Systems, Inc.  Rob explained the challenges involved in an IT install/upgrade of 58 individual schools for the North Carolina Community College system.  

  9. Inside The ConnectWise/HTG Acquisition

    The pundits and prognosticators, myself included, have been predicting robust channel M&A activity in 2018. That activity got off to an exciting and immediate start with acquisition of HTG Peer Groups by ConnectWise, announced Jan. 5.

  10. Developing Emotional Intelligence First Can Help You Develop Others

    A common misconception surrounding the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) is that it can easily be mastered. Yet the reality is this: emotional intelligence is like a muscle that needs conditioning to strengthen and develop; it can’t go from lifting 10 pounds to 110 in a single day. Emotional intelligence requires practice, care and—most of all—effort. T