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  1. Discovering The Gold In Candidates Requires Changes In Recruiting

    As work in general becomes increasingly specialized, organizations are focusing more on candidates with the specific skills needed to compete in the global marketplace. In other words, they are less concerned with who someone is and more focused on what they can do. This change, of course, is a challenge for recruiters since many candidates have not come to this realization yet. Recruiters still receive reams of traditional resumes which force them to dig through mountains of glowing but irrelevant language to find the gold they need.

  2. 4 Tips For Successful Referral Relationships

    Too many people have reached out talking about how much money I could make from my clients if I would only push their services. After a few mistakes that resulted in major headaches and some angry clients, I learned anyone seeking a referral relationship must do the following.

  3. The Importance Of Planning For Tomorrow

    Many of us are surviving on a day-to-day basis. We barely have time to plan for what we’re going to do this afternoon so tomorrow seems overwhelming. It's a recipe for disaster but, somehow, we embrace this chaos! Many “gurus” out there use the word “hustle” as a badge of honor but us amateurs tend to embrace it as an excuse to get away with making stuff up as we go along. But why?

  4. 4 Tips For Selling Cloud Hosted Servers The Right Way

    Struggling with helping clients transition from legacy on-prem environments to cloud-hosted IaaS servers? Here are some tips which have helped my managed IT services company, FireLogic, keep a cloud-first strategy that isn't seeing any slowdown in sight.

  5. Top 10 Marketing Tactics Of High-Growth Tech Firms

    At my firm, we’re interested in understanding how firms in the technology sector go to market. We recently conducted our third annual survey of technology firms, with a special focus on firms that had the best records of sustained growth. In our survey, we asked firms to identify which marketing techniques they use, and then compared the responses of the highest-growing firms with those firms that had reported no growth. I’ll briefly discuss each of these techniques below, listed in order from most to least commonly used by our highest-growing survey respondents.

  6. You Need To Get Control Of Your Technical Support Services

    When selling technology you’re not only selling the physical items, licenses, and soft services for setup; you’re also making a customer commit to a specific channel for technical support when something goes wrong. And it always does.

  7. How To Better Understand Selling To Small Business Owners

    A mentor of mine once said, “When selling a product or service, business owners are looking for two things: How does it make me money? Or, how does it save me money?” That was good advice then, but anyone who has spent time in sales knows simply providing something that satisfies one or both of those criteria doesn’t guarantee the sale.

  8. Why You Need To Stop Using Job Descriptions When Hiring Executives

    Hiring is a forward-facing activity, not backward-facing. Job descriptions tend to be like the kitchen junk drawer — they accumulate all the activities, gaps, tasks, and responsibilities that currently don’t have a home in an organization or that need a responsible owner.

  9. It’s Time To Embrace The Triple Bottom Line

    Today, a growing number of customers, shareholders, and employees want to buy from, invest in, and work for companies that instill social and environmental responsibility into every aspect of their products and services, as well as generate a measurable positive impact. In this light, business decisions that are singularly focused on financial gains leave substantial social and environmental value on the table. They also introduce the multi-faceted risks of inaction.

  10. How Operational Efficiencies Improve Channel Profit

    Your sales reps are killing it and revenue is rolling in. Just one problem: Profit margins are not even close to where you expect them to be. Why? Take a look internally.