Featured Articles

  1. Partnering With HR To Overcome IT Staffing Challenges

    Any staffing strategy requires collaboration and the support of your HR team. While it’s common to include HR in staffing discussions, especially around hiring and adjustments, the focus tends to be on tactical requirements rather than mid- to long-term strategy. In some cases, the relationship between IT (and other departments for that matter) and HR can be dysfunctional.

  2. Getting Strategic About IT Talent

    As IT teams face accelerating change and competition for talent, a staffing strategy can propel the organization to new success.

  3. Are Collaborative Communities Divided By The Technology They Use?

    The current lack of standardization presents new integration opportunities.

  4. After Distributing A Press Release, There’s Still More To Do

    Too often misleading or confusing press releases are sent to the media, not only upsetting reporters but increasing the likelihood of you being blacklisted from their inboxes. To prevent this from happening to you, plan accordingly.

  5. Becoming Logically – One MSP’s 20-Year Journey To The Future

    While more and more business systems and technologies are now affordable to SMBs, access is limited by a shortage of skilled experts to design, implement, and manage them. Moreover, since the range of underlying technologies has become so broad, no one person has all the skills needed. How can organizations access the required skills?

  6. Reader Spotlight: Fred Alonzi, Par3.IT

    In this Reader Spotlight, Par3.IT managing partner Fred Alonzi shares a little about himself, Par3IT, and the state of the channel.

  7. 5 Ways To Obtain Capital Needed To Survive Tough Times

    It's been a long time since banks did actual business loans, instead offering SBA products and lines of credit. Why this has happened is a topic for someone directly involved in that industry, but small business owners need capital to get through tough times or invest in expansion to get to the good times. Following are five ways you can do that.

  8. Leveraging Online Pre-Buying To Reach More Customers

    As a software provider, understanding the elements of the digital pre-buying process and taking the necessary steps to best position your software will yield more business and greater opportunity.

  9. How To Handle Your Auto Payments So You Don’t Wind Up In Court

    For businesses without large accounts payable departments, auto renewals can be a great time saver. However, if not handled correctly, auto-renewals can wind up costing your clients money in unused services or get them in trouble with collections.

  10. Continuous Compliance: Continuous Iteration

    Achieving audit compliance within your IT ecosystem can be an iterative process, and it doesn’t have to be compressed into the five days before the audit is due. Following is a four-step process I use to guide clients through the process of preparing for and successfully completing IT audits.