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  1. Maintaining Strategic Focus During Agile Releases

    In today’s hyper-competitive world, releasing early and often is a business necessity. When done right, this unrelenting commitment to speed enables product teams to quickly respond to shifting market conditions. But sometimes, agility can lead to a lack of strategic focus. Releases degenerate delivering shiny objects that temporarily fascinate the product or sales organizations without wowing customers.

  2. 5 Benefits Of Conducting A Marketing Planning Process

    Taking a thoughtful, deliberative approach to your marketing plan is not only good strategy; done right, it also can produce a number of valuable benefits that can jumpstart your organization’s success.

  3. How SAP Partners Can Support North America’s Next Large Enterprise Companies

    Jim Kelly only won four games as a rookie starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in 1986. He also threw for more than 3,500 yards and 22 touchdowns, showing early flashes of what would become a Hall of Fame football career. As a lifelong Bills fan, I witnessed his growth one game at a time.

  4. The Truth Behind The Benefits Of Robotic Process Automation

    Overinflated promises of ROI have businesses scrambling to implement an automation strategy. Here’s how your organization can reap realistic benefits from automation.

  5. 10 Tips for Adding Security And Compliance To Your Services Stack

    Managing data privacy and protection, storage and transfer — as well as compliance with state, federal and international laws and guidelines — is too complex for clients of all sizes to manage internally. It's natural that they look to their IT partners to help them solve this issue. It's your opportunity to be ready with a plan when they do. Even better, bring the solution to them before they even start searching. Here’s how.

  6. Tech Leaders Talk National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

    In honor of celebrating the 16th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, leading tech industry experts have provided the comments below showcasing the importance of this holiday.

  7. AI + Intent Data: The Key To Ending Inefficient Marketing Tactics

    There’s no greater transformative force in the world’s businesses than technology’s ability to connect people, increase competitiveness, and ultimately help organizations grow. But as the business technology market nears $4 trillion in annual spend, two significant challenges have emerged for both the businesses who buy technology and the vendors who sell it.

  8. 5 Habits For Overcoming The Summer Slump

    Summer sales slumps don’t have to be a ritual. Here are the keys to summer success in B2B sales.

  9. Using Recurring Revenue To Identify Customer Service Opportunities And Risks

    Examining the specific underlying elements that contribute to the calculation of Net Recurring Revenue provides the necessary insights to identify the root causes of churn, attrition, and contraction. 

  10. 2019 Fall Apple Announcements And New OS Releases

    This year’s Apple announcements combined with the recent ones at WWDC provided some of the biggest changes for Apple mainstream platforms. This is especially true with the new OS releases that businesses need to prepare for.