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  1. 5 Communication Essentials For Leaders

    Leadership is all about effective communication, whether selling a product or idea, inspiring followers to engage in an organizational vision, mission or strategic plan, or motivating others to take specific actions. Effective communication is both science and art. These five essential communication qualities serve to empower leaders to communicate in a concise, engaging, authentic, and powerful manner, leading to next level results.

  2. How MSPs Benefit From Effective Public Speaking

    The thought of public speaking panics most people, due in large part due unfounded fears of bombing in front of large crowds. The reality is public speaking can be a very effective tool without being a chore or nightmare type task. Leveraging this tool doesn’t mean you must immediately jump into the deep end of a packed auditorium but, with proper preparation and a targeted audience, an impassioned presentation can bolster your reputation and grow your business organically by word of mouth.

  3. 6 Steps To Successfully Sell In The Healthcare Industry

    When selling to C-suite executives in healthcare it’s important to think about the day-to-day complexities they are regularly dealing with. Before you meet with any executive in the client organization, have a firm understanding of the hospital’s organizational structure, as well as their current financial position. Once you’ve done that, consider the following six tips to successful selling to healthcare C-suite executives.

  4. 4 Things Resellers Need To Do Right Now

    Between changes in technology, the scope of the industry, and how products and services are distributed to end users, how we provide POS systems, services, and sales has been in a state of constant flux. Despite this there are concepts that applied in 1998, 2008, and 2018 — and will still apply in 2028. Following is a brief overview of four of those concepts, all of which I’ll dig into deeper in the coming weeks.

  5. The Dangers Of Warning Your Clients About Price Increases

    Price increases: We all hate them but they’re a fact of life. We cringe when we notify clients about them because it’s never a comfortable situation. In fact, price increases always carry some risk so we have to be wise when we execute them. It’s critical when communicating price changes to do so with the end in mind. Let’s look at three dangers of warning your clients about price increases and what to do about them.

  6. The Benefits of Warning Your Clients About Price Increases

    It’s that time of year again; reviewing contracts and sweating over the fact of having to notify clients about pricing changes. Why do we get so concerned? Other industries have no issues with raising prices — think of the increases we have come to know on a yearly basis including electric, cable, water, and property taxes to name just a few. However, our increases usually come with improvement of our services yet we still worry about customer’s reactions. Luckily, I have some good news: It’s time to stop worrying because there are more benefits than downsides of warning our clients about price increases.

  7. How To Profit Off Security System Upgrades

    Many SMBs don’t see the financial benefit of investing in security systems. If you are a VAR or MSP, this is a challenge you face on a daily basis. There are many reasons why SMBs should be upgrading their security systems, the trick is in knowing how to convey this to SMB owners.


    Fortunately, there are several ways to demonstrate the benefits and cost savings of integrating security cameras with access control systems. Following are five arguments you can use to convince SMB owners it’s time to upgrade.

  8. 7 Tips For Hiring And Firing Employees While Minimizing Legal Liabilities

    Hiring an employee is exciting — it’s an opportunity for both employer and prospective employee to develop a mutually beneficial and profitable relationship. However, when done incorrectly, hiring can create liability. To avoid turning a potentially promising encounter into a problematic one, VARs and MSPs need to adhere to a few best practices.

  9. TSP Sales Growth Starts With Ownership

    Douglass Miller is the CEO of Straightedge Technologies. Like many MSPs, he was frustrated with his sales results. He had very few net new clients and sales to existing clients was uneven. In two-three years, he has doubled the size of his MSP; attracting one net new MRR client a month and growing his sales to existing clients by 3-4X. What changed? Douglass did.

  10. How Thought Leadership Drives VAR, MSP Sales

    Operating as a VAR or MSP is inherently unique, bringing with it an unconventional set of challenges. One of those challenges is positioning yourself as a trusted advisor. Elizabeth Harr, an accomplished entrepreneur and experienced executive who heads the technology services team at Hinge, took time to speak with The Business Solutions Network about how to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry and positively impact your company’s growth.