Guest Column | June 25, 2021

How SaaS Providers Can Optimize Their Marketing Campaigns For A Post-Pandemic World

By Jennifer Rogan


The most successful businesses are the ones that become experts in their respective fields. Instead of doing everything on their own, many businesses choose to optimize their businesses with software that is tailored to their specific needs. As the business sector continues to grow, so does the market for software as a service (SaaS). The global spending on SaaS was at $58.8 billion in 2017; in 2022, a mere five years later, it’s expected to jump to about $145 billion.

SaaS makes software and programs available on-demand. This is why many businesses favor it. As most industries evolve and move into the digital space, the competition between SaaS providers intensifies. In the post-pandemic world, they need to re-strategize marketing campaigns to stay ahead of the curve.

Focus On Building Trust

More than becoming a SaaS brand that businesses know, aim to become one that they see as an authority. As mentioned in a previous Software Business Growth article, most businesses go in search of SaaS providers already knowing what their particular needs are.

In the post-pandemic world, there will be a need to bolster campaign initiatives, focusing on building credibility and trust. That’s not to say that there won’t be a need to expend efforts on brand awareness and visibility, it just needs to be tempered with thought leadership. Bank on becoming part of businesses’ networks. Tap into rich online resources such as LinkedIn and review websites that let you showcase previous partnerships with other businesses and consultants. This shows prospective clients that you’re a trustworthy partner and can deliver consistent and guaranteed results. After all, businesses don’t choose partners based on popularity, they base it on merits and proof.

Invest In Digital Marketing

Marketing has been one of the sectors most impacted by digitization. For SaaS providers, this is a huge advantage. Digital marketing lets you streamline your marketing efforts on the same platforms on which you offer your services. More importantly, a huge chunk of the market is already online. This encourages marketers to upskill and gain know-how on digital marketing, particularly through online education. Even traditional schools like Stanford University and Harvard University provide students access to online courses that cover subjects such as marketing. This gives marketers an edge in the new landscape and has been a welcome change as education needed to pivot when faced with the challenges brought about by the pandemic.

As Maryville University’s online marketing programs point out, these courses have become popular options because they teach both modern marketing principles and business practices. These programs prepare graduates to become adept at digital marketing strategies like search engine marketing, content management, social media engagement, data analytics, and basic user experience design – all contributing to client acquisition and campaign elevation. This is why you’ll need to invest in having the right people on SaaS marketing teams, ones that have the appropriate digital skills. Alternatively, you also can equip your existing staff with new knowledge apt for post-pandemic marketing techniques.

Get Creative With Content Marketing

In the new age of marketing, money isn’t everything. While it does propel campaigns forward, creativity may do a lot more – and it can cut down on costs. To start with, look at the content that you already have, and then repurpose it into something fresh. For one, you may have footage from existing webinars and podcasts; you can leverage them for new blog pieces on your website.

Similarly, you can take all the informative content that you have and construct a webinar. This can serve the dual purpose of attracting new clients as well as inviting existing customers to enhance their skills in using your software or programs. The key consideration with content marketing is making relevant material that’s customer-focused and authentic. As a SaaS provider, you’ll need to continue adding value to your brand through content, whether that’s through blogs, videos, articles, podcasts, or webinars.

SaaS is bound to grow even bigger in the coming years. Providers need to adjust and ensure that they remain top of mind through strategic marketing campaigns.