POS & Payment Processing Articles

  1. Bring Multi-Site POS To Restaurants

    This VAR did a complete POS hardware and software overhaul for a Vietnamese restaurant chain in Los Angeles.

  2. Guiding Principles For Taking Your Organization Into The Digital Age

    For some businesses, making the transition into a fully digital company is part of their normal business strategy. Tech companies, for instance, have no choice but to keep up with the times, and that requires the digital transformation. Other companies that might not have tech ties, however, may find transitioning into a digital business to be a significant challenge. By Rick Delgado, contributing writer

  3. Why Market Leaders Are Turning To Machine Learning

    As the Internet of Things explodes, so do opportunities for machine learning. By Christine Kern, contributing writer

  4. Roddy Launches VAR/ISV Consulting Business

    I typically fill our blog with advice on tech trends and business topics. Today’s post is of a more personal nature. After more than 17 years with Jameson Publishing (formerly Corry Publishing), Jim Roddy, president of Business Solutions, speaker, and author of Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer, has left the magazine to pursue a new business venture.

  5. POS, Payment Processing, Data Collection, And IP Video News

    Datacap Systems has released TranCloud, a new EMV-enabled payments solution for mobile and browser-based POS providers. Engineered specifically for mobile/browser POS, Datacap’s cloud approach with small footprint hardware allows POS systems to process transactions through a variety of payment processors while simultaneously driving a range of PIN pad hardware from leading OEMs — all via the cloud.

  6. Three Proactive Steps To Close The EMV Awareness Gap

    As October 2015 came and went, fraud liability not-so-silently shifted to U.S. business owners whose POS devices are not equipped to accept chip card payments. According to The Strawhecker Group, only 27 percent of businesses have implemented chip technology, and surveys show a wide EMV chip awareness gap among consumers, which means there’s still work to be done.

  7. How Mobile Payments Are Maneuvering Closer To Mainstream In 2016

    Despite the fact that mobile payments have been around for years and have continually promised a new payment paradigm, widespread adoption has failed to materialize to date.

  8. Is Android the Answer? Why Businesses Are Choosing Rugged Android.

    It’s no secret that many businesses are looking to Android as their preferred next-generation platform. The applications are endless — point of sale, delivery, field service, asset tracking, inventory, and more. Android handhelds and tablets can streamline data collection in any space.

  9. Introducing Groovv POS: Making Payments, Compliance, Marketing, And Management Easy

    The POS market continues to grow as business owners seek solutions that will help them not only accept payments, but also manage and grow their business.

  10. The Challenge Of Keeping Merchants Satisfied

    You want new POS customers. But keeping existing customers satisfied is equally important.