Magazine Article | December 5, 2016

Reader Spotlight: Osvaldo Rodriguez, CEO, RedFoxPOS / Click a Waiter

RedFoxPOS offers restaurants a premium Android POS and online ordering platform (SAAS). Our services allow restaurants to convert their websites to e-commerce sites so that their customers can order online for Delivery and Pickup from the restaurants' websites. The restaurants, experience an increase in sales, profitability, customer satisfaction and loyalty.



Describe the most innovative installation/solution you’ve been involved in recently.

47 station point-of-sale installation at the Tuscaloosa Alabama amphitheater,  37 concession stands and 10 tablets for servers in the VIP sections.  The venue is running our POS technology under HelePOS one of our work white label partners.

What is the biggest threat to your business? What are you doing about it?

The biggest threat I would say our third-party online ordering companies, Like GrubHub and Eat24,  we are educating restaurants on converting customers coming in from third-party ordering portals to the restaurants on the website for ordering.  

10 Things You Can (Must) do to Get Grubhub Customers to Order from Your Website 

  1. Offer customers a first time discount.
  2. Have a loyalty program in place.
  3. Create special offers that can be redeemed only at your site.
  4. Create a unique coupon that can be given to Grub Hub customers specifically; this will motivate them to order from your website (when they do, you will now own their email info).
  5. On a regular basis send out emails to your database with special offers or coupons.
  6. Make sure customers who order from Grubhub pay full price and don’t get any special offers or coupons.
  7. Market only your website for online/mobile ordering at the restaurant. Don’t put up their signs, use their bags, use their coupons, etc.
  8. For those who really believe in their brand and business. Turn off Grubhub for a couple weeks and require all orders to come in from your website.
  9. Make sure your website is mobile friendly (not just a shrunken version of your desktop).
  10. Remind your customers to order from your website, not Grub Hub’s. Paying 15% and higher is not sustainable (except of course for Grubhub).

What is the biggest opportunity for your business? What are you doing to take advantage of it?

The biggest opportunity for us is white labeling our solution to credit card processors and banks,  along with integrating our online ordering solution to existing legacy ISVs. RedFoxPOS is credit card processor agnostic, we are certified to over 40 processors and gateways.

What emerging technology will have the biggest impact on your business and why?

Europay MasterCard and Visa ( EMV Chip and PIN ) In the restaurant space they are few POS was providers enabling their restaurants with EMV technology, this is due because they don't have the ability for EMV tip adjust, which is an ability restaurants require. With the liability shift, restaurants are left vulnerable and liable for fraudulent transactions. We are one of a few companies providing restaurant POS with the ability of EMV tip to adjust, which is an ability restaurants require.

What technology do you wish you had embraced sooner and why?

ibeacon technology, Being able to market and send content like coupons to customers just by them walking by or entering the business is simply amazing. It is a great way to engage customers when they are already thinking about you.

Where do you see the channel in 10 years?

I believe in the next 10 years, mobile point-of-sale platforms will be the prominent operating back end OS's for point of sales.  Legacy point-of-sale are slowly being replaced by android and iOS-based point-of-sale systems.

What advice would you give to a VAR/MSP/ISV new to the channel?

Stay channel focused and make business solution magazine and every day read.