News Feature | November 30, 2016

POS, Payment Processing, AIDC, And IP Video News

By The Business Solutions Network

Why POS Resellers Need To Provide Business Continuity For Their Clients

Star Micronics Introduces New Cloud Receipt Printer

Star Micronics recently introduced cloudPRNT, a technology enabling users to print to Star printers directly through a cloud service. The first Star product in this line to be released, the TSP650IIcloudPRNT thermal printer, retrieves and prints orders from any online ordering service integrating Star’s communication protocol. cloudPRNT will work with the online ordering service to store and create print jobs and communicate status with the printer. Cloud ordering services will post orders using a JSON format while the Star cloudPRNT printer will pull these orders on a defined interval.

Star’s cloudPRNT technology provides benefits to both restaurant and retail stores alike by eliminating the need for an extra tablet to send an online order to the printer. Instead, the ordering service will be able to communicate directly to the printer. In addition, this product allows payment providers to deploy a very simple payment solution with printed receipts at any mobile point of sale location.

By offering online purchasing options, retail stores and restaurants will be able to grow their business to expand to a larger market. Using cloudPRNT, online ordering systems have a new solution to offer businesses, allowing them to seamlessly integrate online purchasing into their stores.

Brother Mobile Solutions Releases 2-Inch Printer

Brother Mobile Solutions has expanded its printer line with the release of the RuggedJet 2 Series, 2-inch mobile label and receipt printers. Designed to wirelessly print both labels and receipts, the RuggedJet 2 was engineered to meet the varied and rigorous demands of today’s mobile environments. Available in four models, the printers support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, in addition to iOS, Android, Windows mobile, and Windows operating systems. The printers can print labels, tags, and receipts from 1-inch to 2-inches wide, up to 6 inches-per-second. To ease administration burdens, the units feature remote auto update, minimizing operator interaction. Of special significance is the IP54 certification and 8.2-foot drop protection, meaning that water, dust, or drops won’t affect operation under normal conditions.

The RJ-2050 and RJ-2150 models are the first in the 2-inch category to feature both Apple MFi certification and Apple AirPrint compatibility — allowing wireless printing from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. David Crist, president of Brother Mobile Solutions, notes: “A 2016 industry survey of 500 retailers revealed that about a third are planning to invest in mobile printers for in-store, warehouse, and supply chain operations this year. Among the top must-have features cited in our follow up survey were speed, size, reliability, and connectivity.”

Datacap Adds E-commerce Integration

Datacap Systems now provides a multi-processor e-commerce platform for its POS integration partners. Leveraging Datacap’s NETePay integration, POS providers can tie e-commerce transactions to new and existing brick-and-mortar installations or drive stand-alone e-commerce applications through a simple out-of-scope JavaScript tie-in.

Like Datacap’s in-store solutions, the new e-commerce functionality supports a variety of payment processors while insulating the merchant and POS provider from sensitive cardholder data. Cross platform tokens enable seamless processor changes and syncing of online and in-store payments.

Genetec Unveils New License Plate Camera

Genetec has announced AutoVu SharpV, a fixed ALPR (automated license plate recognition) camera. With high-definition ALPR and context cameras and onboard processing in a single device, the SharpV can detect and read any type of license plate on the edge and includes various analytics such as vehicle make and direction of travel.

The camera can be tied into citywide video surveillance systems to improve forensic investigations, reporting, monitoring, and is designed for controlling access to corporate facilities, as well as managing off-street parking facilities. The SharpV-ITS model will offer a solution specifically targeted at the intelligent transportation sector.

The AutoVu SharpV was designed to be easily mounted on walls or poles. With power and communication transferring through a Power-over-Ethernet plus (PoE+) connection, and a varifocal lens design that allows installers to easily adjust the focal distance of the camera on site for optimal image capture, the new SharpV simplifies system specification and provides flexibility during deployment. The SharpV can also be integrated with Omnicast, the IP video surveillance system of Security Center, the Genetec unified security platform.

Datalogic Announces Omnichannel Middleware

Datalogic recently announced the release of Cloud-ready Shopevolution 7 middleware designed for self-shopping, queue-busting, and store floor applications. Shopevolution 7 middleware supports the new Datalogic Joya Touch device as well as previous Joya device models, smartphones, and other mobile computing devices. This multichannel software platform operates in-cloud and on-premises, able to manage multiple stores simultaneously, delivering substantial time savings and cost reduction. The cloud-ready feature eliminates the need for onsite server hardware, delivering immediate savings. The software can be integrated with any type of POS for self-payment applications and loyalty program management.

Shopevolution 7 middleware delivers an extensive list of benefits including self-shopping, queue-busting, store floor applications, click and collect, social shopping, eCoupons, way finding, a customizable graphical user interface, internal promotional and loyalty points engine, push/pull marketing, system configuration rules, back-office suite, and many more applications.

Worldpay Launches Omnichannel Payment Platform In U.S.

Worldpay announced recently the launch of its newest omnichannel payment platform for the United States — Worldpay Total. Connecting payments across sales channels through a single integration point, Worldpay Total delivers end-to-end payment processing by combining POS, integrated payments, and acquiring for software developers and merchants. Worldpay first introduced Worldpay Total 2014 for its largest U.K. customers, before extending its omnichannel offering to e-commerce businesses trading in Europe earlier this year.

Worldpay Total features a developer center with language-agnostic APIs and SDKs for Windows, iOS, and Android. The precertified payments clients enable EMV chip card acceptance in days, not months. A flexible payments hub makes it easy and fast to add new features and services as payment needs evolve. Additional security options within Worldpay Total; including vaulting, tokenization, and point-to-point encryption; reduce PCI DSS scope and help minimize compliance burden. Finally, a common payment token across different channels gives merchants greater insight into consumer spending behavior, no matter how they shop.

Touch Dynamic Upgrades The Breeze All-In-One

Touch Dynamic recently announced the latest version of its Breeze All-In-One featuring the Skylake processor from Intel, which boasts greater CPU and GPU (graphics processing unit) performance and reduced power consumption over previous Intel processors.

The enhanced Breeze All-In-One allows the end user and/or reseller the ability to slide out the motherboard. This, as well as the quick detachable base and other service features, provides an upgrade and service path for Breeze owners.  Additionally, the new unit has a “True Flat” projected capacitive touch screen, 4 GB of RAM, and a 64 GB Solid State Drive, which will give the All-In-One an additional boost to speed, efficiency, and even durability.