White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Selling Business Technology: 3 Ways YOU Can Be The Value Your Customer Needs

    Discover how to maximize your sales in the evolving business technology industry. If you are a reseller of payments and POS systems, cloud technology and business solutions, learn which selling strategy you must stop using today, and the strategy to focus on instead to continue to grow your sales as the industry changes.

  2. How To Outsell Your Competition Instead Of Yourself

    VARs and MSPs can discover a new selling approach that works in today’s crowded business technology space. With increasing competition and decreasing product differentiation, resellers and service providers can no longer sell based on product features, an approach that worked in the past. Learn about this new approach that focuses on determining the customer’s needs first.

  3. Five Essential Features Of A Secure POS Payment Device

    Data breach statistics continue to climb. A new approach to POS data security is necessary if VARs want to stay ahead of attackers and more effectively protect client data, customer information, and bottom lines.

  4. The Value Behind Value-Added Services

    The point of sale (POS) and payment solutions market has become more competitive as new vendors enter the fray and merchants have the option of deploying lower-cost, bare-bones solutions. For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and solutions providers that want to stand out in an increasingly crowded space, value-added services are quickly becoming a crucial market differentiator.

  5. Embracing Omnicommerce: Seamless, Multichannel Shopping Will Define The Future Of Retail

    The retail marketplace is changing rapidly, with consumers purchasing goods online, in the store, via mobile devices, over the phone and even using multiple channels to complete a single purchase. This idea of retailers engaging consumers across physical and online channels is sometimes referred to as omnicommerce.

  6. The Case For Mobile Payments

    Ubiquitous mobile technology – from smartphones and tablets to smart watches and other devices – has forever changed the way people interact with each other and their environment. That is abundantly apparent in the retail sector, where consumers are using mobile devices to comparison shop, research purchases, access coupons, make online purchases, and pay for goods in person using mobile payment processing solutions.

  7. What Business Model Will Take You Into The Future?

    Cloud and subscription services have changed the way technology is being delivered today. The days of receiving a single large payment for your work are all but gone and customers have evolved; so have their expectations. You must adapt your business model or run the risk of placing your business in a dangerous position. In this white paper we’ve laid out a path that can lead you to profitability and sustainability.

  8. Enabling Smart Retail With IoT Cloud Intelligence

    The management of a retail chain involves many stores in different regions with many equipment units, a great number of commodities, a vast logistics and distribution network, huge cash flows and commercial promotions based on knowledge about consumer behaviors.

  9. Boost In-Store Purchases With Interactive Signage Solution

    The retail industry is undergoing a major transformation, changing how customers shop and how retailers run business. More and more retailers continue to invest in enhancing their operations by optimizing the personal experience of their customers.

  10. 3D Rewards Center Kiosk Keeps Retailers In Touch With Mall Shoppers

    Digital signage kiosks can be seen in many types of retail stores to provide shoppers with up-to-date information and the latest promotions. Kiosks with 3D advertising capabilities allow shoppers to print coupons of promotional offerings and they also gives brand marketers a chance to showcase their products.