Case Study

GoldTech/PayLINK Case Study

Based in Greenville, SC, GoldTech is a national software developer for quality retail point-of-sale (POS) and store management solutions. With more than 27 years of working with general retail and grocery clients, the company helps merchants streamline operations and grow their business through a mix of POS technology and consulting services.

Faced with the growing overhead of establishing and maintaining PCI compliance for its large merchant base, GoldTech President Kelly Orr began to search for a solution that relieved the company from the cost of multiple PCI certifications. Initial efforts highlighted a number of payment gateway options that had a mix of approaches to resolving the PCI challenge, but they all came with one caveat - GoldTech would be limited to only those processors that were connected to the gateway. This would limit the company's flexibility in targeting new accounts and retaining existing ones that might want to change their processing relationship.

"Although we set out to solve the time and cost issues of having to provide a PCI certification for every one of our clients, the 'bundled' nature of most 'gateway-plus-PCI solutions' proved to be problematic. Then we found TGate's PayLINKSM and it was exactly what we had been looking for - a solution that we can integrate into our existing software. By relieving us of having the handle card-sensitive data in the payment application, PayLINK uses advanced tokenization technology to take the payment out of the POS. Because it eliminates the annual compliance requirements and can be used with any peripheral device, it dramatically simplifies the writing and maintenance of code for us and that translates directly into our bottom line."