POS Magazine

  1. Big Possibilities In Hospital POS

    Emporos Systems’ recent growth is a product of its strategic decision to serve the large hospital outpatient pharmacy market.

  2. Best Channel Vendors 2017

    Our Best Channel Vendors survey, conducted with statisticians from Penn State, takes a look at the best vendors in Business Continuity/BDR, Data Collection/Mobility, Labeling, ECM Hardware & Software, General Computing, Networking & Security, POS Hardware & Software, Payment Processing, Managed Services, Video Surveillance/Access Control, and VoIP as voted by your peers.

  3. Take POS And Restaurant Management To The Cloud

    This ISV (independent software vendor) is seeing explosive growth by providing cloud-based point of sale and business management services to small to midsize restaurants.

  4. Retail IT Forecast 2017

    Retailers reveal where they plan to allocate their IT budgets in 2017.

  5. What Sets Your POS Software Apart?

    This software developer’s open design is intended to make its POS software fit the unique needs of customers.

  6. Vertical Strategy: Expand Or Focus?

    Experts share their strategies for VARs interested in increasing their credit card residuals.

  7. Reader Spotlight: CAP Software

    CAP Software develops fast, easy-to-use POS software to help SMB retailers in a variety of verticals save time and money managing their businesses. Keep tabs on inventory, customers, employees, and data all in one simple interface. CAP’s products help retailers sell more and provide better customer service too!

  8. Reader Spotlight: Robert Chilcoat, President, N. American Operations, Unattended Card Payments Inc.

    UCP provides hardware consulting services to kiosk software providers and enclosure manufacturers embarking on EMV migration. Our team can help determine suitable ready for market solutions using our multi-point requirements questionnaire. We can configure the hardware we stock for use with various gateways and processors.

  9. Reader Spotlight: Jeremy Julian, COO, Custom Business Solutions Inc.

    We are experienced market leaders who know the restaurant industry. We have been successfully leveraging our technology solutions in restaurants for over two decades. Our technology evolves from fresh ideas, made to order, that bring together all the details, all the data, and all the reporting insights that you need for success.

  10. Reader Spotlight: Kevin Kogler, President, MicroBiz Cloud POS

    Cloud EPOS and retail automation software for independent retailers. Runs on iPads, PCs and Macs, manages inventory at multiple locations and integrates seamlessly with an eCommerce platform and QuickBooks Online. Save retailers hours of management time each month automating tasks such as inventory management, purchasing/receiving, order management and customer management.