Magazine Article | August 29, 2016

Product Comparison: Restaurant Tablet POS - 2016

By The Business Solutions Network

Restaurant ComparisonWe take a close look at nine tablet-based POS software solutions for the restaurant industry. Which is best for your customers?

A couple years ago, Business Solutions provided readers with a product comparison article featuring many of the leading, up-and-coming, and new-to-the- scene tablet-based restaurant POS solutions. Wow, has a lot happened in the two years since. There’s been a little of everything affecting this product category. Acquisitions and consolidation happened to some. Others struggled to gain traction. Some flounder with an unclear go-to-market strategy. Some are thriving. Of course, there are new products entering the market all the time. To get an update on some of the past products we compared and take a look at some new ones, we thought it time to revisit this feature.

As with our last outreach, we sought input from a variety of companies and products. Just like last time, just because a company is on this list doesn’t mean it is long-established, highly successful, or the most loyal channel-friendly company. Our goal here wasn’t to judge which products should be included on the list. Rather, we want to arm you with as much information as possible about every bit of competition out there, no matter how new, cheap, feature-rich or -poor, or who can sell it. Your customers will do their own research, so get smart and study up.