Magazine Article | June 15, 2016

Learn The Secrets Of POS-As-A-Service Pros

By John Oncea, Digital Editorial Director
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Three solutions providers share their secrets on not just playing in the POS-as-a-Service space, but winning it.

You likely know the benefits of POS-as-a-Service, including recurring revenue streams, low initial costs for users, and protection from outdated technology. But do you know how to break into the market? How to effectively provide the service? What challenges you’ll need to overcome?

The answers to these questions and more were revealed during the “Secrets Of POS-as-a-Service Pros” panel held as part of Business Solutions’ 2016 Retail IT VAR Of The Future conference. The panel featured three successful POS solutions providers: Ted Kramer Jr., VP of sales and marketing for POS of Michigan; Hunter Allen, CEO of Cervion Systems; and Brady Nash, owner/CEO of BNG Holdings. Together, they discussed everything from the way merchant customers have responded to POS-as-a-Service to new opportunities it has created to the effect it has had on them personally.