1. Take Control Of Your Network With DNS Security

    For businesses of any size, web browsing can not only present serious security threats, it can also become a drain on productivity. Your clients need the ability to ensure their users don’t visit dangerous or time-wasting sites. That’s where Webroot SecureAnywhere® DNS Protection comes in.

  2. Channel Leaders Considering A Merger Or Acquisition – Consider This!

    Pursuing a merger or acquisition can be a very effective way to grow revenue, acquire a customer base to cross sell into, add new product and service lines, acquire specific assets (or permits, licenses, etc.), expand into new geographic markets, acquire talent (“acqui-hire”), or acquire intellectual property.  Some CEOs have M&A experience and some don’t.  For those who don’t, this doesn’t mean M&A should be avoided, rather just pursued in a slower gear.  The following are a few suggestions I have.

  3. Datasheet: VIPRE® Endpoint Security – Cloud Edition

    Highest rated protection and value – Simple and Efficient.

  4. VIPRE® Endpoint Security – Cloud Edition

    Highest rated protection and value – Simple and Efficient.

  5. VIPRE® Endpoint Security – Server Edition

    Highest-Rated Protection Thanks to a Layered Security Approach.

  6. Why Networking Continuity Matters for Small Businesses

    Managed IT Service Provider? Learn why Network Continuity is a must for the SMBs you serve.

  7. IP Is Critical To VAR And MSP Success - Establishing Effective SOPs And Best Practices

    How many times a day do you preach best practices procedures to your employees?  What is a best practice and what does it actually mean? How are effective best practice developed, how often should they be reviewed, and how should you store them? Most importantly, how do you share and train your staff on your organization’s best practices. Service providers and resellers need to have answers for all these questions.  Here are some of the answers we’ve come up with.

  8. The Path to MSSP

    One of the hottest debates in IT service management at the moment is whether or not to pursue “Managed Security Service Provider” (MSSP) status. This is largely caused by a lack of clarity over what the name means, whether it is beneficial to use it, or whether customers are even concerned about the distinction between MSPs and MSSPs. This report defines exactly what an MSSP is and identifies the existing opportunity for those who reach this standard. It also highlights the shortcomings of current service providers and how to overcome them.

  9. New Challenges Facing POS Developers

    Developers of integrated point of sale (POS) applications face a variety of challenges. From the shift to EMV, to concerns about security, developers have a lot on their plate. Merchants also increasingly demand seamless customer experiences in-store, on the web and across mobile devices to meet the commerce and payments demands of consumers.

  10. Are You Using The Right Payment Gateway For Your Application?

    With the rise of eCommerce and mobile payments, gateways play an increasingly important role in the payments ecosystem. Unlike the simple payment gateways of a decade ago, modern gateways are increasingly diverse, and offer features and value-added services for merchants of all kinds.