1. Embracing Omnicommerce: Seamless, Multichannel Shopping Will Define The Future Of Retail

    The retail marketplace is changing rapidly, with consumers purchasing goods online, in the store, via mobile devices, over the phone and even using multiple channels to complete a single purchase. This idea of retailers engaging consumers across physical and online channels is sometimes referred to as omnicommerce.

  2. Use Your Human Resources To Design Your Human Resources

    When it comes to human resources, knowledge is power. HR portal systems are a critical component of that power, as they were designed to provide crucial information. From new hire document storage and benefits management, to measuring overall company performance and defining areas of needed improvement, these portals are meant to provide extensive workforce solutions that lessen the time and burden of managing day-to-day HR responsibilities. Unfortunately, much of this portal technology was created to be implemented generically without regard to the unique needs and requirements of your business.  This in turn, creates cumbersome workflows and unusable features making their sole purpose of being beneficial to your business obsolete.

  3. Stellar, Flexible And Affordable Talent, Do You Have To Choose?

    Sustainable growth is primarily driven by talent. While recruiting talent is an ongoing challenge for businesses, especially those that are globally positioned, embracing the large and highly-skilled pool of candidates beyond your backyard greatly enhances your brand. It is possible to find the right candidates halfway across the world that will not only share the company's mission, but are affordable, adaptable, and qualified.

  4. The Case For Mobile Payments

    Ubiquitous mobile technology – from smartphones and tablets to smart watches and other devices – has forever changed the way people interact with each other and their environment. That is abundantly apparent in the retail sector, where consumers are using mobile devices to comparison shop, research purchases, access coupons, make online purchases, and pay for goods in person using mobile payment processing solutions.

  5. What Business Model Will Take You Into The Future?

    Cloud and subscription services have changed the way technology is being delivered today. The days of receiving a single large payment for your work are all but gone and customers have evolved; so have their expectations. You must adapt your business model or run the risk of placing your business in a dangerous position. In this white paper we’ve laid out a path that can lead you to profitability and sustainability.

  6. Becoming A Managed Security Services Provider: Why A Layered Approach To Security Is Essential

    Focusing your managed services business on cybersecurity creates several opportunities to increase margins; most significantly, by implementing layers of security at client sites, you can reduce costly security-related issues. Understanding that effective cyberdefense involves multiple layers of technology is crucial, as is the understanding that customer disruption is a revenue killer in the world of the managed services provider (MSP).

  7. Looking To Sell Your MSP Practice - Better Consider These Issues Now

    The managed services market got its start as early as the 1990s as the recurring revenue business model sparked a new era of change in the technology industry. As managed service providers (MSPs) emerged, the market for their offerings grew, and it is expected to reach $193 billion by 2019, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.5%, according to Markets and Markets.

  8. Closing The Door On Cybercriminals Best: Practices For Patch Management

    Simply put, the bad guys are constantly searching for any possible point of entry that can be exploited by viruses and malware.

  9. MSP Embraces Advanced Security Solution For Small Footprint, Ease Of Management

    If you’re in IT services, you can’t ignore security. Just ask James Edwards and Abe Varughese, founders of MSP Merit Technologies in Greenville, South Carolina, who started their company as a software provider. It didn’t take long after they launched the software business before customers started asking for other services, including networking, server maintenance and of course, security.

  10. Brochure: VIPRE Advanced Security For Business

    Best Protection. Best Value.

    VIPRE Advanced Security gives you top-rated malware protection at the industry’s best value.