Physical Security Executive Commentary

  1. 5 Current Trends In Video Surveillance Technology

    Over the past decade, demand for video surveillance has rapidly increased. With the introduction of megapixel cameras, companies are deploying 4K or Ultra HD surveillance systems to cover larger areas with fewer cameras.

  2. 6 Immediate Benefits Of IP Video Solutions For Healthcare

    Hospitals and medical centers face increasing challenges in the protection of staff, patients, and visitors, creating a demand for IP video solutions that are intuitive, scalable, and affordable. Effective and well-designed IP video solutions provide immediate benefits that can dramatically reduce unnecessary costs and liability, beyond basic security applications, while improving the flexibility of the system.

  3. 4 Growing Opportunities In Video Surveillance

    Video surveillance is transforming business for end users, providing opportunities for enhanced monitoring, strengthened security, and a greater peace of mind. And it isn’t just for security anymore! Video surveillance is proving to be a very valuable management tool, enabling end users to perform store checks, monitor traffic flow and dwell times, and better manage crowd control.

  4. What Integrators Need To Know About Access Control In An IP Video Surveillance Market

    According to research firm IHS, the worldwide IP video surveillance market now exceeds analog video system sales in North America. The long-predicted trend that has been discussed since the first IP video camera was demonstrated in 1996, is here.

  5. 5 Must-Haves For Today’s Perimeter Projects

    Faced with a complex and fast-evolving threat landscape, organizations across the globe are working to improve the first layer of defense at their facilities. Perimeter security is becoming more of a priority for end users in every vertical; however, today’s security customer is looking for ways to protect their perimeter without breaking the bank.

  6. Advice For The IT Channel: 4 Ways To Market Your Business

    If you ask CEOs to name the most difficult aspect of their businesses, most will say the greatest challenge is reaching and retaining customers. The best way to educate your customers about your brand and the services you offer is through a strategic and coordinated approach to marketing.

  7. The Top 4 Access Control Trends

    A look at the technology innovations that are poised to enhance the industry.

  8. 6 New Trends In Video Surveillance

    The security industry is ever-changing, with innovators striving to come up with the next big thing in access control, video management, central stations and a number of other security must-haves. But nowhere is there more change and innovation than in the world of video surveillance. From advanced multi-directional cameras to intelligent systems and other emerging technology, today’s video surveillance industry is poised to take IP cameras to the next level.

  9. The Biggest Threat To The Channel? Manufacturers That Sell To End Users

    The biggest threat to the channel is the same as it has always been — manufacturers. Businesses are constantly seeking growth and expansion. Part of this formula requires keeping investors and shareholders happy. The need for manufacturers to always have constant and accelerated growth has become the new normal but there are only so many ways in which this can actually occur.  Being a channel friendly company allows manufacturers to sell their products or services through the channel without dealing with end users.

  10. 6 Reasons To Offer Financing To IT Customers

    Regardless of size, IT is a critical component to running a business. However, computers, servers and other IT equipment can get expensive. This often drives businesses to delay replacing hardware in order to reduce operating expenses. Yet, what if they didn’t have to pay for their IT purchases in a single payment upfront?