Guest Column | December 3, 2013

Six Common Mistakes To Avoid In Surveillance Solution Installations

By Jeremy Krinitt, Matrix Systems

No one can deny the value of integrating access control and video when it comes to protecting the premises. Used together, these two powerful security technologies not only control ingress, but also provide positive identification of the person presenting a credential. Video can also be triggered on alert to view specific areas using pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) presets, especially helpful if someone on the BOLO list or without a credential tries to gain entry, or tries to compromise the reader or other parts of the entrance or exit.

Designing an integrated access control and video solution requires proper camera placement, which is critical to the overall success of the installation. When deciding placement, think about the expectation with regard to the scene being captured relative to the alarm event that will be triggering the video. Is the goal a general view for overall coverage, or to identify people? Deploying analytics can also provide a benefit, and if the system uses facial recognition or license plate capture, the initial camera coverage area, and placement remains a top consideration.

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