White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Fanless POS System Enhances Service At Hamilton Island, Australia

    Hamilton Island, located in Queensland, Australia, is the largest inhabited island of the Whitsunday Islands. Like most in the Whitsunday group, Hamilton Island formed as sea levels rose, resulting in the creation of numerous “drowned” mountains near the east coast of Queensland. Hamilton Island is a popular tourist destination and the only island in the Great Barrier Reef with a commercial airport.

  2. Interactive POS System And Self-Service Kiosk For Globally Renowned Fast Food Restaurant Chain

    As a globally renowned fast food restaurant chain with a decades-long history of success and innovation, our client not only sells fried chicken and other fast food, but also provides customers with prompt and satisfying service, as well as a pleasant dining environment. However, the fast food industry is fiercely competitive, and being the second largest fast food brand in the world is not easy. In addition to maintaining customer satisfaction and increasing overall revenue, our client was looking for ways to enhance customer purchase opportunities.

  3. Retail Stores In Dublin Eradicate Cash Shrinkage

    Theft is one of the retail world’s biggest challenges. Especially in the independent convenience sector where stores are often manned by a handful of people that are not equipped with the latest security gizmos. In fact, nearly half of retailers (49%) have experienced theft of cash from their premises.1 This hurts businesses and their customers because merchants often have to pass on these losses by raising prices. With cash management solutions, businesses can fight back against theft and achieve an advantage over competitors.

  4. Are You Ready For The Hybrid Business Model?

    For many Unified Communications providers and IT VARs, having a mix of recurring revenue services and traditional hardware and software sales is the key to sustainability and increased profitability.

  5. VAR Looks To Future New Cutting-Edge POS Solutions

    As a second-generation POS dealer, Delaware Valley Registers, Inc. (DVR) has had to make many adjustments to its business over the years to remain relevant. With the rapid pace of technological change in the retail and restaurant markets, resellers need a strategy to stay ahead of trends and provide their customers with the most powerful, secure, and cutting-edge solutions. For VARs who don’t, the result is typically them going out of business.

  6. Contactless Payments Become A Reality For Reading Buses

    The electronic payments ecosystem can be overwhelming for outsiders to navigate as they try to achieve the various certifications necessary to process transactions. For software developers and their customers, getting mired in the certification process can lead to frustration and wasted time and money when all they really want to do is address the needs of their customers. Thankfully, a solution is only one call away. Consider the difficult path Reading Buses took as it sought to implement contactless payments in its vehicles.

  7. How London Harness Keeps Customers Happier With 4-Second Chip Cards

    Wellesley’s London Harness has been a town institution since 1951. The company specializes in leather goods, particularly luxury bags and luggage, and they also offer a wide array of other gifts and services including engraving and monogramming for customers and corporations.

  8. Alaska Financial Wins Big With New POS Solution Offering

    Today, selling merchant services without any sort of value-add is a recipe for disaster. Those in this business suffer from shrinking margins and high attrition rates when competing on price alone. Some ISOs and agents, however, have adjusted their business model to address these trends.

  9. Dig Into Selling POS To Garden Centers

    Dale Pinney of Olaf Solutions Inc. — celebrating over 30 years in the garden industry, helping small business owners with their store's needs — took time to dive deep into how and why servicing garden centers can prove fruitful. Read on to learn why a POS system is crucial for garden centers, how stores can improive their ROI, and much more.

  10. New Three-Restaurant Complex With Kitchen Powered By Bematech

    Evanston is a city located just north of Chicago Illinois, home to Northwestern University and is the world’s headquarters of Rotary International.  Catering to Evanston’s diverse population is a new three-restaurant complex housing two familiar Evanston restaurants; LuLus and Taco Diablo and something new, Five and Dime.