Case Study

Emporos Systems/PayLINK Case Study

Emporos Systems of Charlotte, NC, is the leading provider of pharmacy point-of-sale (POS) software solutions. Its MerchantSoft system addresses the unique needs of pharmacies, enabling pharmacists to quickly verify prescriptions and current customer medications. Clients are empowered by the ability to quickly manage operations and track sales while also offering customers a streamlined approach to dealing with medical insurance claims.

Emporos had been using a popular credit card processor that had been acquired in a merger. Despite a long-term relationship, support and service levels dropped significantly once the acquisition was completed and Director of Business Development Russell Brown was tasked with finding a new provider. But the unique demands of pharmacy environment - balancing insurance and medical approvals with transaction processing and management functions - creates a complex integration environment that many service providers were unable to support.

"Working though an ISO that was integrated into TGate's PathwayLINKSM payments platform , we were able to take advantage of TGate's PayLINKSM, application. As a PCI PA-DSS certified hosted payment page, it uses tokenization to offload the transaction, process the payment, and then securely return it to the POS. TGate was able to accommodate a very complex integration in a relatively short period of time and the result was a more cost-effective solution with improved security that allowed us to quickly integrate with any processor a pharmacy might have in place."