White Paper

Taking Your Payments Over The Rainbow And Into The Cloud

Tracy Metzger T-Gate

By Jim Roddy, president

Tracy Metzger, president of TGate, delivered a presentation at RetailNOW titled "Taking Your Payment Over The Rainbow And Into The Cloud." It included so much vital information and statistics that we wanted to include the PowerPoint of his presentation on the Business Solutions site. The following sentences are the summary of Metzger's presentation – but we recommend you click below to access the entire presentation: Payments are moving away from traditional processing to hosted, secure cloud based solutions that take the liability of storing consumer card holder data out of the merchant's premises. This presentation addresses traditional point of sale, mobile payments and new emerging payment solutions. Implementing these technologies is easier than developing multiple processing interfaces and managing PCI-PA compliance and lets both the ISV and merchant ease their minds about location security and data breaches.