POS Magazine

  1. His Vision. Her Execution.

    Here’s how husband-and-wife channel execs Scott and Alicia Kreisberg maintain doubledigit growth—and a happy marriage.

  2. ISVs Drive Retail, Restaurant Innovations

    Three experts explain how ISVs continue to shape the retail and restaurant verticals. Are VARs ready?

  3. SaaS Model Created New Opportunities For ISVs

    This ISV seeks to supplant the incumbent software solutions in the fitness industry with its new SaaS offering.

  4. What’s Your Cloud POS Strategy?

    As customer demand and expectations have shifted to subscription-based solutions, so must your line card.

  5. POS And … Government?

    This merchant services provider and POS reseller has found success by providing merchant services and POS solutions to the public sector.

  6. 3 Steps To POSaaS Success

    How this small payment-processing ISO transformed into a fast-growing provider of POS-as-a-Service.

  7. SaaS, Security Drive POS Sales

    With deep ties to foodservice giants and a focus on SaaS and security, 6-year-old POS software provider Bypass is shaking up food and beverage.

  8. Sell Rugged All-In-One POS Solutions To Hospitality

    A restaurant VAR’s affordable, purpose-built all-in-one point of sale solution solves a restaurant customer’s downtime problems and leads to repeat business.

  9. Capitalize On EMV Adoption Lag With Secure, Integrated Payment Alternatives

    During the slow transition to EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) compliance, savvy solutions providers are anticipating what retailers and consumers really want — frictionless payment.

  10. Win True mPOS Business Today

    Three experts explain how VARs can find, win, and support true mobile POS (mPOS) solutions today.