Magazine Article | February 1, 2017

Win True mPOS Business Today

By Mike Monocello

Three experts explain how VARs can find, win, and support true mobile POS (mPOS) solutions today.

Let’s get a couple things straight. There’s mobile POS and then there’s mobile POS. In the first usage, one might take advantage of smaller, lighter, mobile devices like tablets but then stick them in enclosures and locate them at the same counter at which a traditional POS terminal would be located. There’s nothing wrong with such an implementation if that’s what the customer needs. While there are many success stories that claim to be about mobile POS, it’s common to discover that the application being referenced is fixed rather than truly mobile. It’s the second, more accurate usage we’d like to focus on here, because there are real opportunities for true mPOS projects today. To learn more about this opportunity, we sat down with three mobility experts to hear first-hand how VARs today win big with mPOS.