Articles By Anna Rose Welch

  1. Restaurant And Hospitality IT News For VARs — February 3, 2014

    In the news, a pilot program is under way to gauge acceptance of smartphone apps that turn a phone into a digital hotel room key. Also, an NRA survey reveals more than half of consumers have used restaurant-related technology, and table service and quick service restaurants are planning to invest in technology that closes the gap between what they offer now and what consumers want.

  2. Grocery And Convenience Store IT News For VARs — January 30, 2014

    In the news is the importance of smartphones in personalization and marketing initiatives, and predictions that location-based marketing could be worth $10 billion by 2018.

  3. Retail IT News For VARs — January 29, 2014

    Topics in the news include the growth of location-based marketing, Top 100 Retailers’ implementation of RFID initiatives, and a study that shows CIOs’ plans for new technologies — mobile devices, mobile payments, digital signage, and mobile POS. Data-centric security is also expected to trend.

  4. Restaurant And Hospitality IT News For VARs — January 27, 2014

    In the news, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) is predicting industry sales to reach $683 billion in 2014. Also, NRA includes in its 2014 Industry Forecast that restaurant customers are looking to engage more with restaurants via smartphone or tablet.

  5. Grocery And Convenience Store IT News For VARs — January 23, 2014

    In the news, a study shows monitoring shopping habits and preferences using smartphones could produce valuable data for grocers. Also, top grocery trends for 2014 include “Click and Collect” — select online and pick up in store — programs and a move to online sales circulars. 

  6. Retail IT News For VARs — January 22, 2014

    In the news are predictions that most mobile apps and BYOD programs will not succeed. Also, a study reveals customers are more willing to provide personal information if it is exchanged for a good deal, and a poll shows customers find POS prompts “intrusive.”

  7. Restaurant And Hospitality IT News For VARs — January 20, 2014

    In the news, the number of mobile wallet users is expected to grow to 113 million by 2017, and a survey finds that mobile technology is driving advances in payments technology.

  8. Grocery and Convenience Store IT News For VARs — January 16, 2014

    A study concludes about one-third of c-stores plan to offer mobile wallet payment in the next three years. Also in the news, intelligent checklist platforms can help improve food quality and safety, and a survey shows smartphones are “shopping companions” for the demographic “mothers.”

  9. Retail IT News For VARs — January 15, 2014

    Last week, the Department of Homeland Security issued a POS malware alert. Also in the news, surveys show mobile technology is retailers’ top priority, and a survey shows the majority of businesses experience significant technology failures, but most don’t quantify their impact.

  10. Restaurant And Hospitality IT News For VARs — January 13, 2014

    In the news this weeks, analysts predict 2014 will see more tabletop tablets, more hotels taking a multichannel approach, and more hotel lobby “digital concierge” kiosks.