News Feature | January 16, 2014

Grocery and Convenience Store IT News For VARs — January 16, 2014

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By Anna Rose Welch, Editor, Biosimilar Development
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A study concludes about one-third of c-stores plan to offer mobile wallet payment in the next three years. Also in the news, intelligent checklist platforms can help improve food quality and safety, and a survey shows smartphones are “shopping companions” for the demographic “mothers.”

C-Store Mobile Wallet Adoption Predicted To Increase … Slowly

Convenience Store News has released a list of 14 trends for 2014. The mobile consumer is on the rise, so an important thing for c-stores to invest in will be mobile apps. According to the CSNews 2013 Technology Study, nearly 30 percent of c-store retailer respondents offer a mobile app. These apps often have store locator, coupons, and customer feedback features. Mobile payment options are not currently in the plans for a majority of c-store retailers, as only 2.1 percent of respondents were offering a mobile wallet payment. However, 32 percent say they plan to begin offering one within the next 3 years.

Intelligent Checklist Platforms Improve Grocery Deli Service

A recently completed case study from the Center for Advancing Retail & Technology and the NGA reveals that intelligent checklist platforms help improve food quality and safety performance. Grocery Headquarters says during the case study, several grocery stores launch intelligent checklist technology in deli food service departments. This platform helped reduce shrink, provided reliable data, and helped reduce costs, among other benefits.

Smartphones As “Shopping Companions” For “Mother” Demographic

According to analytics company Placed, mothers are a key demographic for retailers and CPG companies. In particular, the survey looked into this demographic’s smartphone usage as it relates to grocery shopping. Results show that 11 percent of mothers accessed coupons on their smartphone prior to entering the store. Coupon websites/apps were the most popular method of finding coupons on a smartphone, with 29 percent of respondents claiming this was the primary way they found coupons. Following in second place, 28.8 percent of respondents turned to grocery websites and apps, followed by barcode scanning/QR codes (27 percent).  

Digital Marketing Grows Increasingly Important For Beef Industry

Beef Magazine discusses the various ways the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NACB) has been attempting to reach Millennial consumers. In particular, the NACB has emphasizing beef’s nutritional aspects and sustainability via smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices to draw Millennials. So far, the industry has launched a new advertising campaign on Facebook and other social media. However, to keep reaching out to this key demographic, the industry will most likely continue to invest in digital media to “spread beef’s message.”

Mobile Technology Innovation Is Retailers’ Top Priority

Infinite Peripherals recently released the results of its Payment Technology Trends Survey. According to the results, 67 percent of participants believe mobile technology innovation will be driving payment technology trends. In second place, with 38 percent of responders, is the risk of fraud/criminal payment activity, followed by 35 percent who believe customer preferences will drive retail priorities. Payment providers and payment legislation were in fourth and fifth place. Swipe payments via mobile POS devices are expected to dominate the payment market over the next three years. Only 17 percent of respondents plan to use swipe at register over the next year. 

Grocery And Convenience Store IT Talking Points

Mayonnaise brand Hellman’s has rolled out a new NFC mobile marketing campaign in Brazil, QR Code Press says. Shopping carts have been equipped with NFC enabled tablet computers, which identify the food that is placed in the cart. The computer can then provide recipes (that, of course, involve mayonnaise and other products in the cart) to the customer in real-time.

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