Security Executive Commentary

  1. Why Fax Server Software Makes Its Way Into Healthcare

    Though not quite as old as a stethoscope, one of the oldest communication methods we use in the healthcare industry today is the venerable fax machine. Faxing electronic medical records/electronic health records (EMR/EHR) is something most doctors’ offices do daily, with referrals and insurance documentation almost as common.

  2. If You Think Data Security Is Taken Seriously, Think Again!

    Big Data is very much a hot topic right now. There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by when we’re not being spoken to, about, or at on the subject. With this in mind, I wanted to conduct a swift survey to see how seriously organizations are taking the threat of data breaches in relation to big data.

  3. Pick A Download, Any Download!

    Various download sites have been plastering ads all over their pages for years, some of which are just for other types of software and some of them are for services. However, a new trend among these ads has emerged, adding an extra download button where there should not be one. By Adam Kujawa, malware intelligence analyst, Malwarebytes

  4. How Thinking Differently About Security Will Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

    Reducing risk today is hard, which is why it's no surprise that today's typical IT shop sees its malware incidents and helpdesk ticket metrics rise every year. By Tom Clare, senior director of product marketing, Websense

  5. Securing The Cloud With A VAR, MSP, ISV Audience In Mind

    Customers have always looked to their vendors, be they VARs, MSPs or ISVs, to distill the challenges of migrating to a computing architecture. This continues to be true with regards to cloud – perhaps one of the most misunderstood and confusing architectures to arrive since the introduction of the personal computer to replace aging mainframe technology. By Andrew Hay, chief evangelist, CloudPassage

  6. Q&A: Discover The Untapped UPS Market

    Power management plays such a critical role in your customers’ IT success, yet it continues to be taken seriously by only a small percentage of VARs and MSPs. By Ramesh Menon, director of global IT channel marketing, Power Quality Division, Eaton Corp.

  7. Why Visibility And Control Are Essential When Advanced Malware Flares

    Rather than focusing on the hype surrounding the latest network malware, focus on how to attain the visibility and control you need to protect your customers’ assets. By Alfred Huger, VP of development, Cloud Technology Group, Sourcefire

  8. What Every VAR Should Know About Email Security

    Following these key tips will go a long way in protecting your customers from email-borne security threats. By Andrés Kohn, VP of technology, Proofpoint, Inc.

  9. Are You Prepared For The Future Of Security Threats?

    The deep packet inspection software you used in the past is no match for the ever-evolving malicious content that’s threatening your customers’ networks now. By Hongwen Zhang, president and CEO, Wedge Networks

  10. 2012 Cybersecurity Predictions
    From Stuxnet to Sony, a number of cyberattacks emerged in 2011 that experts have predicted for quite some time. I predict 2012 will be even more pivotal, thrusting cybersecurity into the spotlight. By Mel Morris, CTO, Webroot