Guest Column | July 18, 2022

Cybersecurity Notes For Developers: 5 Tips

By Melissa Robertson

Cyber Fraud security

Digital marketing is entering different industries and new business areas — mining, commercial trade, engineering, finance, and banking. We had such trends in the past 10 years. It’s not only about social media but e-commerce as a whole. Global companies could not grow without the engagement of experienced developers — teams that are well versed in the principles of security, encryption, mass collection, and processing of information. The best teams create the following products:

  • Backend and frontend
  • Payment gateways
  • Analytical and news platforms
  • Mobile applications
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges

Global Challenges For Developers

Digital tools are implemented by owners of cafes or restaurants, and managers of online stores. The same goes for food factories, logistics terminals, educational centers, driving schools, or such global cryptocurrency platforms as ICOholder. Without marketing tricks and online tools, startups hardly attract the attention of potential consumers. But what ordinary users run is only the tip of the iceberg. Any platform, mobile application, or website processes information that, if not encrypted, can be passed on to third parties.

The risks of a cyberattack are increasing every year. The U.S. FBI 2020 Internet Crime Report recorded 750,000+ complaints related to suspected internet crimes during the year, up 300,000 from 2019. Let's look into this in more detail.

Implementing IT Products & Ways To Prevent Security Problems

In recent decades, we have constant development of cyber threats. So, the improvement of traditional network security systems has no alternative. Most teams provide additional hardware protection. But this is not the only thing experienced teams can do. To strengthen and modernize network security, it is worth considering several factors.

  1. Strong encryption. It’s the identification of risk at all stages of the sale that is essential for startups. To prevent problems in a computing environment that includes SaaS cloud applications outside the corporate network and firewall, implementing additional security solutions and data encryption is a mandatory requirement. Only when using certified servers, entrepreneurs will be able to prevent most issues.
  2. Development of corporate security principles. People want to get a brief follow-up of business proceedings (main touchpoints for the B2B segment). But after such interviews, trade secrets are often revealed. According to Verizon's 2021 Data Breach Investigation Report, of all corporate data breaches analyzed and confirmed, 300+ breaches occurred in large enterprises and 250+ breaches occurred in small organizations. To prevent such incidents, the work of developers should be based on the principles of corporate security.
  3. Back up all data on the daily basis. Today's marketing is based on collecting the data for building business models. To prevent failure, it is better to set up a backup function. This is especially true for the sales department and managers who provide access to their CPM to dozens of employees.
  4. Using secure automation code. This method is perfect for protecting your application from security vulnerabilities. The value of such automation lies in the reduction of human error and continued security.
  5. Preventing unnecessary downloads. If a digital product is used by average users who are newbies, this aspect is very important. While downloading apps or updates is common and expected, doing so increases the risk of cybercriminal activity. Such nuances should be taken into account by each developer. Whenever possible, try to combine several compilations at one stage of loading and take into account all ways of sending data, suggesting the most secure one.


Company leaders believe that most employees will continue to work remotely at least 1-2 days a week after the Pandemic. So, it is still necessary to reconsider corporate security policy. No doubt, most strategies involve deploying firewalls, VPNs, network intrusion detection,  and cloud access security systems. But you shouldn't stop here. Developers must consider the specifics of jobs, and the rapidly growing scope of cybercrime requires additional protection.

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Melissa Robertson is a freelance writer who believes that with well-chosen words you can convey the right idea to a wide audience. Melissa is attentive to details, responsible, and ready to develop in the profession.