Physical Security In Business Solutions Magazine

  1. The Power Of An Integrated IP Camera Solution

    This security VAR leveraged a corporate relationship to win a multifacility access control and video management contract.

  2. Leverage Your IP Expertise To Win Security Installs

    An IT integrator’s networking expertise helps it win a $280,000 IP video surveillance install with a K-12 school.

  3. IP Video Surveillance 101: Licensing, Certification, And Training

    As the video surveillance market heats up, standing out among your competitors as a certified expert is more important than ever.

  4. 360-Degree Camera Product Review: The Retail IP Camera You Need On Your Line Card

    If you’re a VAR in the retail and restaurant space that passed up on video surveillance because it was too expensive and/or your customers were married to antiquated analog cameras, pay attention. There’s a class of high-definition IP cameras that can provide higher resolution/better picture quality than analog cameras, can be deployed in a way that one camera replaces four to six (or even more) old cameras, and gives merchants access to powerful analytics not only to prevent loss but also to help with marketing.

  5. 360-Degree IP Camera Product Review

    An integrator evaluates six 360-degree IP video surveillance cameras ideal for retail applications including cameras from Axis Communications, Mobotix, GeoVision, Vivotek, ACTi, and Panasonic.

  6. Ride The Burgeoning IP Video Market

    Just six years in business, AISG projects $27 million in revenue this year — and IP-based security solutions are all it sells.

  7. Securing New Access Control Business

    Expanding into the access control business has helped this Texas integrator gain new clients and generate new revenue.

  8. Overcome IP Video Sales Obstacles

    This VAR’s ability to overcome video surveillance price objections and implementation obstacles is leading to big wins in the hospitality and distribution spaces and 60% projected revenue growth.

  9. Integrator Brings Cloud-Based Access Control To Historic Courthouse

    An integrator lands an access control solution that involves cloud-based management and wireless locks.

  10. What To Know About Selling IP Video Surveillance In Healthcare

    Healthcare practices of all sizes and types are looking for video surveillance solutions to solve their business challenges.