Magazine Article | March 19, 2013

Access Control Biometric Systems

By Business Solutions magazine

Tips & Advice For Success

Scalability And Interoperability Are Key — “Today’s access control systems should be scalable and capable of evolving with the client, not locking them into one specific technology. Additionally, the system should be capable of supporting different access control panels and card technologies.” Francois Brouillet, product specialist, Genetec

Don’t Get Hung Up On Features — “Features are 98% the same across products, while end users typically use less than 50% of the features. Indeed, features are less important than the manufacturer’s approach to building and supporting the technology it sells. Look for manufacturers that can demonstrate an ability to keep up with changing technology while providing support for their legacy products.” John Szczygiel, COO, Brivo Systems, LLC

Make All Decision Makers A Part Of The Sales Conversation — “Security Integrators must be prepared to deliver a more comprehensive, converged access control system that seamlessly integrates IT and physical security systems, such as Identity Access Management (IAM), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), and HR systems to correlate physical and logical security event information, monitor alarms, and rapidly respond to unauthorized activities. The best opportunity to drive the solution is to bring all departmental stakeholders to the table and devise a ‘what’s in it for them’ approach.” Kevin Wine, VP of marketing, RedCloud

Learn Legacy Access Control Equipment — “Aside from network and firewall security issues that IT integrators deal with every day, they may find legacy equipment already in place requiring knowledge and research to understand what is there and whether it will be compatible with the solution they are proposing. Wiring for access is also different. So IT integrators will have to know what they can use and what they will have to replace.” John Smith, senior channel marketing manager, Honeywell Security