Magazine Article | March 19, 2013

DVRs/NVRs Video Storage

By Business Solutions magazine

Most Significant Trends

All Signs Point To A Growing Opportunity — “Demand for open, IP-based solutions and related storage systems are growing more rapidly than closed, proprietary ones. Additionally, HD cameras are replacing lower resolution ones, driving greater storage requirements. At the same time, end users and regulatory authorities are driving requirements for longer data retention times, resulting in greater storage requirements. This drives the need for converged storage appliances, which are beneficial over alternative systems, based on their simplicity, scalability, energy and rack space footprint, and value.” Rich Bravman, CEO, Pivot3

Cloud Equals Recurring Revenue — “Cloud-based hosted video services is one of the hottest trends in video surveillance. It allows users to access their information anywhere, anytime through a PC or mobile device. This frees users from being tied down to their local video system and gives them the freedom to check the system’s status in real time at home or on vacation. Integrators benefit from hosted video services because it makes monitoring the system easier by providing a single user interface to monitor all of their customers’ systems. And as a cloudbased service, the system can automatically alert integrators by email when it goes offline or a camera is no longer functioning. Hosted video service also eliminates the need for integrators to roll a truck out to upgrade the system’s firmware or provide customers with new features, as these updates are made automatically in the cloud. The value-added services of the technology help integrators reduce their installation and service costs while generating new forms of recurring monthly revenue.” John Smith, senior channel marketing manager, Honeywell Security

The Demise Of The DVR — “There are four distinct trends driving the demise of the DVR. First, edge or ‘on camera’ storage is made possible by the increase in storage capacity of SD/MicroSD cards. Thirty-two gigabytes is standard today with 64 GB and higher capacity emerging to allow for extended time periods of recording. Second is an increased use of network attached storage (NAS) devices to store the network video. Third, due to the lower cost per gigabyte of storage drives, IT will find now a strong focus from the Big Data manufacturers on physical security and its associated video management systems (VMS) and video analytics. Finally is a move to the cloud.” Vince Ricco, business development manager, technology partner program, Axis Communications

Must-Have Features & Functionality

Select Purpose-Built Hardware — “Many manufacturers are starting to offer servers that are specifically designed for the surveillance field. These offer improved performance over a bulk IT server and can often be cheaper due to optimization.” Sean Freeman, solutions specialist, WYNIT Distribution

Don’t Overlook These Key Considerations — “People are going to get excited about being able to eliminate the DVR/ NVR in lieu of storage at the camera or in the cloud. Few, however, are going to want to pay more or give up features they are just now becoming accustomed to, which include POS integration or the ability to incorporate their existing video surveillance infrastructure. Therefore, must-have features include low-cost storage options, full integration with other on-site systems, enterprise-class management applications allowing the easy management of thousands of devices across hundreds of sites, the ability to utilize as much of the existing investment in video surveillance as possible, which typically includes analog video cameras, and the ability to use cameras from many different vendors, allowing the right cameras to be specified for each application at the best price.” Dave Nieweg, GM/VP, 3xLOGIC

Have A Growth Strategy — “Keep in mind that storage is like income — the more we have, the more we spend. Pick a storage platform that has a growth strategy in line with your planning.” Vince Ricco, business development manager, technology partner program, Axis Communications

Remote Management Is A Must — “The must-have feature with hosted video services has to be the remote management of customer systems. Looking at a traditional DVR or NVR, an integrator would have to access each box remotely to make changes, requiring them to remember passwords and IP addresses, but with hosted video services a single user login and password provides secure access to all of their customer sites.” John Smith, senior channel marketing manager, Honeywell Security

Common DVR/NVR Mistakes To Avoid

Thinking Short-Term Is Short-Sighted — “Opting for a DVR or NVR that will only support an organization’s shortterm needs is a common mistake. While a system may start off small and with specific requirements, expanding the system may become far more expensive if the appliance needs to be replaced. It is important that nonproprietary systems are well-evaluated, as they provide greater flexibility to scale the system, without incurring redundant costs down the road.” Erick Ceresato, product marketing manager, Genetec

Don’t Think You’re Incapable Of Installing IP Security — “The most common mistake IT integration is making today when it comes to IP-based video surveillance is simply walking away from it. There are so many programs available today from physical security manufacturers, security distribution partners, as well as traditional IT distributors to help ease the introduction to the related applications and security best practices needed to be successful. It’s important to remember that an IP camera is just another edge device on the network.” Vince Ricco, business development manager, technology partner program, Axis Communications

Don’t Keep Your Partners Out Of The Loop — “We see issues with resellers that fail to engage their manufacturing partners early enough in the solution design cycle and not encouraging direct involvement with the end user. For IT integrators, it is important to take the time to understand in sufficient detail the business goals of their customers in physical security. True customer success can only be achieved when those business drives are understood, and with a genuine commitment to their achievement.” Rich Bravman, CEO, Pivot3

Don’t Forget To Leverage Tools, Calculators To Spec A System — “IT integrators must be sure to spec out the surveillance system completely to make sure that it will run properly on the system. For instance, it’s highly recommended that they use bandwidth calculators when building out a system.” Sean Freeman, solutions specialist, WYNIT Distribution