Featured HTG Peer Group Content

  1. The Impact Of M&A On The MSP Market

    It’s all the rage right now.  Everyone seems to be a buyer or seller; some are even trying to play both sides of the M&A puzzle.  It is hard to find anyone who is not actively considering M&A as a strategy for growth or exit.  And while it may be exciting and the seemingly best option for growing or transition, it also comes with some baggage that can become detrimental if not managed well.

  2. Values And Culture

    Our core values are posted all over the office, and we take the time to go over them with every new employee; but, I still see behavior inconsistent with our values. What can I do?

  3. Arlin's Suggested Reading List

    These are the ten books I recommend as the foundation of a strong business library. While the Bible may seem like a strange first choice, I find that spending time in that book of wisdom each morning grounds me in truth and helps focus me on the things that matter. The other nine are important books that provide a broad base from which to build a strong business mindset.

  4. Sales Courtesy

    Here is a scenario that I experience all the time in my sales efforts and I want to see how many of you have the same experience. I call a prospect and one of three things happen.

  5. 3 Keys To Build An Accountable Team

    Do you want to have a high performance team?  The secret is building a culture of accountability.  One of our core values at HTG is accountability through execution, so it’s a topic we are constantly thinking about and discussing. 

  6. Leveraging The Power Of Perspective

    Perspective. What exactly does that mean today and why is it important? Over the last year I’ve come to truly appreciate the importance of perspective when it comes to planning. It is a core element to the Paterson Center tools – StratOp and LifePlan – where about 2/3 of the focus is actually taking a look backward to determine how we got to the place we are today.

  7. Network Or Community? IT Solutions Providers, You May Be Missing Out

    The difference between networks and communities is networks connect, communities care.

  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Are You Ready?

    As we turn the page on a new year, you should ask yourself if you’re ready. This is our time to reset the counters. While we are in school we have semesters to conveniently break up our work into manageable divisions. You finish the course, get a grade, and move on to the next one. Good bad or indifferent, you have a forced fresh start.

  9. A Christmas List For The Small Business Owner In Your Life

    Running a company isn’t as simple as most business owners thought, and the longer they do it, the more disenfranchised they become. It just wasn’t supposed to be this hard. How do you buy a gift for a person like that? Here are a few thoughts on what small business entrepreneurs and owners might like.

  10. Leadership Lessons From My Mother-In-Law’s 80th Birthday

    Rich Anderson shares a few leadership lessons he saw being lived out at that event.