Physical Security In Business Solutions Magazine

  1. An Unexpected IP Video Surveillance Sale

    It pays to listen to the customer, and if Shawn Santerre needed any evidence of this, he got it with a four-year video surveillance deployment for a California school district. 

  2. Beyond Security: IP Camera Capabilities Create New Opportunities For VARs

    With a focus on innovation, today’s IP cameras can be used in creative new ways to solve customer problems.

  3. How To Overcome Cloud Security Objections In 5 Minutes

    IBM announced recently that it banned the use of DropBox for corporate use due to security concerns. Around the same time, it was also reported that presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s personal cloud storage account was hacked.

  4. VARs’ Guide To IP Cameras

    Gather Sound Business Intelligence — “We’ve seen an explosive trend in retail over the last couple of years to use surveillance cameras not only for security, but also for marketing analysis, workforce optimization, and overall sales management. By Business Solutions magazine

  5. How Can BlueStar Help Grow Your POS Business With Video Surveillance?

    There is a revolution occurring in video surveillance, from analog to IP-based solutions. This is significant to the POS VAR in that the specialized skills needed to install analog video systems are being replaced with more general skills for network peripheral attachments. By Business Solutions magazine

  6. Persistence Nets IP Surveillance Deal

    Today, securing a new client requires persistence and timely follow-up, and that’s exactly what worked for systems integrator United Security Alliance (USA). By Pedro Pereira, Business Solutions magazine

  7. The Truth About Retailers & PCI

    An occasional topic amongst editors at Jameson Publishing, the parent company of Business Solutions, is getting “too close” to a topic. More specifically, we ask — due to our perspective, number of people we interview, the successful nature of the people we interview, the amount of knowledge we have, etc.

  8. 7 Distributor Offerings You Can’t Neglect Any Longer

    Four value-added distributors share the most overlooked services you should be taking advantage of.

  9. Regulatory Compliance Drives Workforce Management Opportunities

    By leveraging its expertise in labor and leave regulations, this ISV achieved 33% revenue growth last year, and expects 50% growth in 2012.

  10. Accelerate Your Integrated Security Growth

    This solutions provider took several steps to change its trajectory from regional physical security dealer to $25 million integrated security powerhouse.