Magazine Article | June 25, 2012

How Can BlueStar Help Grow Your POS Business With Video Surveillance?

By Business Solutions magazine

How’s The Technology Changing?
There is a revolution occurring in video surveillance, from analog to IP-based solutions. This is significant to the POS VAR in that the specialized skills needed to install analog video systems are being replaced with more general skills for network peripheral attachments. This presents a  tremendous opportunity for POS VARs to increase business with new customers, as well as return to old customers with a new offering.

What Opportunities Are Available?
One of the most powerful selling points to modern video surveillance is that it can easily integrate into a POS system. The owner can now access specific, transaction-stamped images and data that can be leveraged to more effectively run their business. Blending these technologies makes this opportunity very attractive to POS VARs.

In addition, the POS VAR enjoys ownership of this key business relationship. Many storeowners view the partnership with the POS VAR as mission-critical. As a trusted business partner, the POS VAR can now offer additional technology services, such as integrated video surveillance systems. What’s more, video surveillance solutions can increase the size of your customer’s purchase orders with high-margin equipment and services instrumental in improving your bottom line.

Video technology, specifically HD cameras, also opens up more possibilities than you or your customers might realize. Video capture from these devices can be used by marketing departments to analyze customer behavior, such as dwell time–where people look and for how long. Management can use the same video to analyze worker productivity, craft more efficient workflows, and make informed employment decisions.

What Skills Do You Need?
As video surveillance moves towards IP-based technology, POS VARs who already have in-house networking skills are well-positioned to incorporate this solution. IP cameras, image storage devices, and other peripherals all branch off the same POS system network. Many system components are now “plug-and-play,” and customizing these solutions can be easily accomplished with a little training.

How Can BlueStar Help With This Emerging Trend?
BlueStar is prepared to help you incorporate and integrate POS and video surveillance to break into this crucial new market segment and maximize your results. We offer training programs, backed with both POS and security expertise, to get your team the information they need to execute solutions. We have exclusive security bundles in place and ready to ship through our In-a-Box program, as well as a number of security promotions currently available. BlueStar’s Solutions Center can help engineer custom solutions with certified hardware/ software technicians and even facilitate large rollouts. Financial support is also available through our leasing programs: free grant writing services, joint PO, and assigner proceeds. Finally, we can help you market your services through our award-winning FUSION business development program.

How Can You Partner With BlueStar’s Security Group?
Contact one of BlueStar’s North American Security professionals, who average over 20 years experience in the industry, to learn more about how to integrate these technologies and grow your customers’ business at (888) 231-9347. Make sure to look at our promotions for incentives and bundle solutions at vendor-promotions. Let us help you grow your business with security solutions and support, only from BlueStar.

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