HTG Peer Group News & Articles

  1. HTG & GreatAmerica Partner To Offer Peer Groups For Unified Communications Companies

    Heartland Technology Group (HTG) announced recently it is partnering with GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation to offer peer groups to Unified Communications companies.

  2. Myth Vs. Facts Of Being A Business Owner

    This April Fools we thought it timely to look at some of the myths that trick small business owners. Do you recognize any of your thinking in the myth column?

  3. Infographic: My Top 5 Trends In IT

    Here are the 5 big trends I am seeing currently in the IT industry.

  4. Don’t Get Frustrated When Looking At New IT Hires, Get MAD (Make A Difference)

    What do lions, camels, turtles, and monkeys have to do with your employees? They are descriptive types in the Make a Difference (MAD) system, based on the book, Make A Difference, by Dr. Larry Little, that helps you visualize your employees’ personality types and recognize why they may respond the way they do.

  5. HTG Peer Groups: Opportunities For Growth Through Team, Leadership Development

    HTG Peer Groups knows the value of peer-to-peer interaction. “Peers groups are the foundation of HTG and have proven to be effective in providing a place where business leaders can come and learn from other leaders,” said HTG Peer Groups COO Brad Schow.

  6. HTG Peer Groups Focuses On New Opportunities To Impact Business Growth

    HTG Peer Groups, an international organization of IT solution provider executives focused on business and personal development, has announced an expanded strategy including enhanced centralized peer group meetings and the availability of experienced coaching and consulting.

  7. Heartland Leadership Group Welcomes Israel Lang

    Heartland Leadership Group is proud to announce a new addition to the team and welcomes Israel Lang as an Executive Consultant. Israel’s primary focus will be helping clients improve strategy and corporate potential, specifically in service delivery.

  8. Peer Groups: What’s In It For Me?

    The concept of business owners sharing confidential business information with one another and openly disclosing their ideas to others within the same industry may at first sound foreign. It’s something that can take getting used to, but for the majority of those who have experienced a peer group it is something they wish they had discovered sooner. Far from being the risky venture it may sound like on the surface, joining a peer group instead provides members with a great deal of security.