News Feature | June 12, 2014

HTG Peer Groups: Opportunities For Growth Through Team, Leadership Development

By Trisha Leon, contributing writer

HTG Peer Groups

HTG Peer Groups knows the value of peer-to-peer interaction. “Peers groups are the foundation of HTG and have proven to be effective in providing a place where business leaders can come and learn from other leaders,” said HTG Peer Groups COO Brad Schow. But HTG Peer Groups plans to take its approach to leader and team development even further by offering enhanced centralized peer group meetings, experienced coaching, and consulting to assist business owners in growing their companies through strong teams and leadership.

The association’s new centralized meeting format has all members meeting in one location each quarter. The HTG Leadership Academy is accompanied by topic or role specific workshops such as “Sales and Service Summits,” a “Mergers & Acquisitions” workshop, and a “Transitioning to the Cloud” workshop. HTG includes member feedback in its programming. The groups have recently collected survey responses to identify the association’s strengths to leverage and to identify its members’ pain points to guide programming for 2015 and beyond.

In addition, HTG coaches and consultants are available to assess situations and develop an individualized plan for company leaders to use in overcoming challenges they face. HTG announced it recently added to its pool of resources in coaching and consulting to address members’ needs.

HTG also offers individual and group leadership development, assisting owners in building their leadership teams — an important component of positioning member companies for future growth. “We’ve reached a point where our members’ revenue growth is more than 10 percentage points higher than the industry average from the past three years and we don’t want to see that diminish,” said Schow. A survey asked members who have been with the group since at least Q1 2011 to compare that quarter with Q4 2013. Those members report, on average, a 12. 6 percent increase in the number of employees, 32 percent increase in product sales, 37.4 percent increase in services sales, and 38.9 percent increase in adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization).

HTG was established in 2000 by Arlin Sorensen and since has been building its community, along with its peer groups, to support the ongoing success of its members. “As a member of HTG Peer Groups, I enjoy participating in the centralized meetings. It enables me to network with other peers outside my meeting room and strengthen my relationships with the vendor members,” said Garrett Brucker, president of Solve IT, Denver, CO.

For more information on centralized peer group meetings, experienced coaching, consulting and webinars, visit HTG Peer Groups.