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  1. Key Characteristics Of A Tremendous Payment Processing Partner

    Through the 1990s, evaluating payment partners was as easy as sorting out the revenue offering–a simple question of who will pay the biggest share of the profit on merchants signed together. In the 2000s, additional values like gift card solutions, PCI security strategies and mobile payment options became important measuring sticks when deciding how to participate most effectively in the valuable revenue stream represented by your customers’ merchant accounts.

  2. Getting The Most From Your Payments Partner

    If you are in the POS business, offering a bundled solution that includes payment processing is probably not a new idea for you.  In fact, it’s probably safe to say that most, if not all, of the dealers reading this article are already realizing the value of residual income from the merchant services component of their business.  Regular, recurring monthly income provided by Payments-as-a-Service (PaaS) has influenced many VARs in their efforts to move toward becoming a Managed Services Dealer (MSD).

  3. Payment Technologies: Getting Executives And Consumers On The Same Page

    Knowing what customers want and delivering it is a fundamental rule in business. But when it comes to today’s evolving payment technologies, there are a number of “disconnects” between the attitudes of banking executives and those of their customers. And those disconnects may be putting banks out of step with consumer expectations.

  4. Prepaid Cards: Understanding The Strategic Opportunity

    Prepaid cards are of increasing interest to consumers, but banks may be missing the opportunities this trend presents.

  5. Choctaw Casinos Saves More Than $300,000 With IP Surveillance And Serverless Computing

    Pivot3® Saves More Than $300,000 in Acquisition and Operating Costs for an IP Surveillance Expansion Project.

  6. Rochester Police Department Cuts Crime By 80% With Help From Serverless Computing

    Rochester Police Department cuts crime by 80% with help from Pivot3 serverless computing.

  7. Steering The Way To More Reliable Storage For In-Car Video Systems

    Placer County purchased three Pivot3 DataBanks with 36 terabytes of capacity. The DataBanks reside in a single rack, together with two switches and a server running the Pivot3 storage management software.

  8. Sea-Tac Airport Reduces Power And Cooling With Serverless Computing

    Pivot3® reduces power and cooling to help the Sea-Tac Airport fulfill its mission: “Where a Sustainable World Is Headed.”

  9. Retail Chain Manages Liability With IP Security

    Spec’s Wine, Spirits and Finer Foods manages liability with IP security—high availability system relies on virtualization from Pivot3®.

  10. The Creek Nation Casino Meets Strict Surveillance Gaming Regulation With IP Video

    Pivot3® deals out high-performance to meet strict surveillance gaming regulations.