BDR Articles

  1. Finding The Best Backup Approach For Your Customers

    On-premise or cloud – what are the pros and cons for your clients?

  2. Making The Case For Unified Data Protection

    The security landscape is changing, and customers need solutions that can protect them against attacks. They also want a more automated approach to data reliability. Cybersecurity and data recovery shouldn’t be addressed separately. A unified data protection solution that combines cybersecurity with data backup and recovery resources working together seamlessly to quickly identify potential threats and safeguard data simultaneously.

  3. Key Considerations For Optimized Virtual Machine Data Protection

    As your customers’ work environments move to the cloud and become more virtualized, it’s important to make sure your backup and disaster recovery strategy is keeping up.

  4. Big Changes to BSM

    This is the last issue of Business Solutions magazine you’ll receive.

  5. Special Report: Retail Data Security

    Survey results indicate that IT solutions providers could be missing opportunities when it comes to payment security-related services.

  6. Is It Time To Fire A Few Clients?

    Why Anchor Network Solutions’ CEO Vince Tinnirello is cutting customers from his roster, and how he's going about the task.

  7. The Smart Way To Sell Cloud-Based Services

    An MSP replaces a biomedical device company’s on-premises legacy server with Microsoft Office 365 and finds multiple upsell opportunities along the way.

  8. Don’t Let Ransomware Hold You Hostage

    The combination of processes, endpoint security, and backup and recovery solutions secures this MSP’s customers from ransomware.

  9. Product Comparison: Backup And Recovery Software

    We compare the certifications, pricing structures, and support of 10 business continuity solutions.

  10. BDR: An MSP’s Greatest CryptoLocker Defense

    After an MSP’s food distributor client was infected with ransomware, a fast data recovery from an appliance-based BDR (backup and disaster recovery) solution saved the day.