Security Executive Commentary

  1. Industrial Cyber Attacks Provide New Opportunities For Security VARs
    The U.S. Center for Cyber Security says the state of cyber security in the United States has made the nation vulnerable to attacks on its entire infrastructure, from the desktop to the Internet to the national power grid. By Allison Ash, Guidance Software
  2. Selling Right The First Time
    In an effort to meet the technology needs of clients across a wide spectrum of industries, many VARs juggle an exploding portfolio of products and services in an attempt to address pain points in a variety of situations across network infrastructure.
  3. Selling Data Protection as a Service
    By Nancy Hurley, Bocada President and CEO
    Organizations that view data protection as an IT service, offered to either internal or external customers, require a standard set of operational processes in order ensure successful service delivery and drive down operational costs. The Data Protection Service Management Model (DPSM) is an ITSM-like actionable methodology targeted at enhancing the delivery of data protection services. By Nancy Hurley, Bocada President and CEO
  4. Keeping The Pipeline Pumped
    By Bertha Edington, VP of marketing, Channel Chargers
    It's the end of the quarter and you're slammed trying to close every last deal. Still, the next quarter is looming. You know you should start laying the groundwork for what’s coming, and filling the pipeline back up, but you just don't have a second to spare. What do you do?
  5. Lessons From GE: How VARs Can Improve Sales Force Effectiveness
    As the economy improves, IT VARs can’t afford to grow complacent. In order to ensure sustainable growth, they need to improve sales force effectiveness. Though the solutions will look different for each company, VARs can look to one of the world’s largest companies for workable solutions that will help improve sales results across their business. By Andris A. Zoltners, Prabhakant Sinha and Sally E. Lorimer
  6. Remote Monitoring Opens Up A New World For Video Surveillance
    We have entered a new realm in the world of video surveillance. Gone are the days of the security guard tethered to a dedicated desktop monitor, reacting to unfolding events within a closed environment. With today’s advancements in Internet Protocol based network infrastructures, management of video surveillance can be a much more valuable endeavor. By Tim Dodge, TESSCO Technologies
  7. Web 2.0 Security: Why Filtering and Reputation Schemes Are Not Enough
    Enter Web 2.0. Unfortunately, as with any good technology, it can be put into the wrong hands and used negatively. Web 2.0’s power is now harnessed by malware writers providing the groundwork for a new generation of hacker collaboration and preferred means of deployment.
  8. SMB Customer Needs Are A Matter Of Scale
    By Dave Hunt, founder and CEO of C2C Systems
    Technology vendors have come to recognize that there is profit potential in the small to midsized business (SMB) market, but often believe that the SMB customer requires fewer features and less maturity, when what they need is almost the same level of features, just easier to use, with fewer and simpler configuration options.
  9. Security As A Service: Hidden Treasures For Solution Providers
    By Kendra Krause, VP of Americas Channels, Fortinet
    Today, solutions providers looking for new revenue opportunities are presented with a set of ideal conditions in which to expand their business. Several market dynamics are at play to support a managed services model for security, which offers a recurring revenue stream for partners who want to do more than sell a...
  10. Anti-spam: Why Prevention is better than Cure
    By David Kelleher, communications and research analyst, GFI
    Spam is a waste of time and resources. Filtering the genuine email from the spam on a daily basis wastes a sizeable amount of time (and, therefore, money) over the span of a year. Installing an anti-spam filter will provide the necessary blocks needed to ensure that minimal time is spent sifting through unwanted...