White Papers & Case Studies

  1. Cohn Consulting Puts The Power Of N-central To Work For Small-To-Midsize Businesses

    When Daniel Cohn’s previous employer shifted direction and shelved a small business initiative they had put in motion, Cohn leveraged the knowledge base he had built to form his own IT services firm, Cohn Consulting Corp. But instead of serving a small business clientele as he had anticipated, Cohn landed a mix of large companies as his first customers.

  2. Elite MSP centrexIT Is At The Top Of Its Game With Solarwinds N-able

    The fact centrexIT is headquartered in one of the biggest bio-tech hotspots in the U.S. is no accident. This San Diego-based pure-play managed services provider (MSP) has been focused on the life science and healthcare sectors since its early days and sees an even brighter future with the advent of cloud and other advanced and emerging technologies.

  3. Moving Business Forward With ASCII

    The concept of ASCII is simple. What sets The ASCII Group apart is that it is a community open to all independent IT practices – ranging in size and scope from a single person operation to large companies with many employees.

  4. ASCII Peers Mean Business

    A common tagline that is used by The ASCII Group is, ‘Leverage the power of an interactive community’. For the past 30 years, The ASCII Group has celebrated the solution provider and heralded the benefits of working within a community by offering over 70 programs that provide innovative business building strategies and extensive peer networking.

  5. ASCII Completes The Big Picture

    A common thread that links business owners together is their focus on the ‘The Big Picture’ and how they can grow and improve their organization. But with clients becoming more sophisticated and technology more of a commodity, how do you set yourself apart from the pack?

  6. Using A Best Practice Approach To Efficiently Deliver Scalable, Competitive, And Profitable Managed Services

    The future of Managed Services has never been brighter. Traditional, pure play MSPs now find themselves rubbing shoulders with a new breed of MSP. VoIP, print management, audio visual, copier providers and many others have converged on the managed services sector as a way to diversify their revenue and add new value to established customers.

  7. MSP Primes For Managed Services Growth With RMM And MSP Service Automation Platform

    Having already built a successful IT business on Australia’s Gold Coast, Daniel Davis was seeking to continue his work while maintaining a slower pace of life. In 2009, he left the big city behind and founded Darktime Computer Services (DCS) in Chinchilla, a town in Queensland’s relatively remote Western Downs region, which boasts a high concentration of gas, mining and drilling companies, as well as real estate and engineering firms. DCS was established to deliver networking, server and backup solutions to business customers of all sizes.

  8. 6 Key Requirements For A Profitable NOC + Help Desk Service

    How to improve your scalability and profitability with an outsourced NOC and Help Desk solution.

  9. How MSPs Can Stay Relevant In The Era Of Cloud Computing

    As more companies adopt public cloud services from a variety of vendors, often with self-service provisioning and very attractive price points, managed service providers (MSPs) are finding their sphere of control in the enterprise shrinking rapidly. What customers used to rely on MSPs to handle, now can be handled by in-house IT and faceless third parties. However, this is hardly a death knell for MSPs.

  10. Identity As A Service (IDaaS): Promising New Opportunity For MSPs

    Managed service providers are increasingly finding themselves in the role of “service brokers,” reselling public cloud services and struggling to stay relevant as their clients turn to self-service SaaS and IaaS offerings from commodity cloud vendors. Not only is this a challenging, race-to-the-bottom approach with low margins and stiff competition, but it is a difficult model to sustain and grow.