BSM Lunch & Learn Webinars

  1. The Building Blocks Of Profitability

    Extensive vendor management and technology shifts are creating unique challenges for sales partners.  This webinar will provide insight and expose the hidden opportunities for sales partners to not only increase their revenue but create recurring, sustainable revenue for their businesses while combating shrinking profit margins.

  2. On-Demand Webinar: How To Build An MSP's Revenue And Profit Engine With Total Data Protection

    Today’s businesses are creating more data than ever, in more places than ever. As such, today’s MSPs have to shift their models to include a total data protection strategy. But which one? What do you need to look for? Is it all about the technology? What about a vendor’s overall platform?

  3. ISV IQ Webinar Series - Part 2: Raising Capital

    Business Solutions recently launched ISV IQ: Education For Software Developers, an initiative to provide specific information to the 11,000+ ISVs who read the content in our magazine and on our website. We’ve spoken to and surveyed our audience about what topics could have the greatest impact on their business, and raising capital was near the top of that list.

  4. Creating New Revenue Streams With Integrated Mobile Device Management And Identity Management - SSO - For Security, Compliance And Efficiency

    Mobile devices running cloud and web based applications can empower employees but they also create new risks for data and information and costs for employers. Employees struggle to manage multiple, complex passwords. Personal devices introduce management complexity and businesses face significant costs supporting users and provisioning and de-provisioning new employees and devices. And in many industries such as healthcare and finance, compliance is essential yet more difficult than ever.

  5. Channel Transitions Conferences Preview Webinar

    Business Solutions is the channel leader in educating VARs, MSPs, and ISVs on the transition to the as-a-Service business model and establishing a recurring revenue stream. Channel Transitions VAR/MSP Executive Conferences take that education to another level — networking with other channel partners who are focused on this transition. Join us on June 4 in Newark, September 24 in Chicago, or November 5 in Orlando to learn more about funding, marketing, pricing, bundling, hiring, and partnering as you make the shift to recurring revenue.

  6. Preview Webinar: Retail IT VAR Of The Future Conference

    The Retail IT VAR Of The Future conference will educate VARs, MSPs, and ISVs on the four hottest topics in retail IT: Mobile POS, Payment Processing/EMV, Customer Experience/Engagement, and POS-as-a-Service. Join Business Solutions president Jim Roddy and editor-in-chief Mike Monocello to learn why these four topics were selected and how they can help you widen your margins and accelerate your business. All VAR, MSP, or ISV webinar attendees will receive a complimentary registration for the conference at Bally's Las Vegas on May 12-13.

  7. Anti-Virus Is Dead. Long Live Managed Endpoint Security

    If security isn't already a big part of your managed services value proposition, it's time to make it central. Headlines like the Target data breach have made your customers hyper-aware of the threats. The risk of downtime, data loss and negative market reputation is real to end user companies. But antivirus software is no longer enough. Indeed, security vendors themselves have said signature-based antivirus is dead. Join us for a frank discussion of today's threats and how endpoint security can protect your customers against them.

  8. Harbortouch’s New “Tablet Killer” Featuring Advanced Apple Pay Integration

    Harbortouch CEO Jared Isaacman will introduce the company’s two new POS models, including a sleek, built-for-purpose unit that has been cited as a “tablet killer”. He will also explain how Harbortouch has worked closely with Apple to integrate advanced Apple Pay functionality into the new equipment, including “pay-at-the-table” capabilities.

  9. How Patch Management Can Make You More Money

    Keeping software up-to-date is a critical component of computer and business security. Most of all vulnerabilities are in 3rd party software. However, keeping all software current can be an overwhelming task for your customers, which is why it often gets neglected but in turn, becomes a great opportunity for you.

  10. Adopting A Services Model For Success

    If you’re like most VARs, you’ve found it difficult to be profitable by relying on revenues from hardware and software sales, support, and a break-fix business model.