Featured Articles

  1. Advice For Marketing To Retailers

    Jamie Gray is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing branding strategies for LOC Software, and he talks with Software Business Growth about how to – and how not to – market to retailers, channel partners, and more.

  2. Playing The Long Game

    Known as the horse capital of the world, Lexington is the second largest city in Kentucky and is the proud home of the Kentucky bourbon trail. It’s also where technology experts Software Information Systems’ (SIS) roots were firmly planted with the goal of supporting their customers with the skills and tools to embrace the rapid technology evolution. SIS CEO and Executive Vice President of Sales, Steve and Pat Sigg — also father and son, take a nostalgic look back at the last 30+ years and explain why the company’s transition to an MSP business model was the biggest challenge they’ve faced.

  3. Exploring A Company-Funded Buyout

    In this final article of the series, I will outline one of the more difficult solutions to selling your business. This solution is not for everyone. It takes patience, trust, and most of all, cash. There is, however, a bit of flexibility in this solution.

  4. Winning The Managed IT Discussion: The Dying Case For Hourly Billing

    In part one of this series I detailed the first three of FireLogic’s five ingredients to our recipe for success converting out of the endless black hole of pure hourly billing into a sustainable, reliable recurring revenue model. In this article I’ll share the other two ingredients that, combined with the first three, will help your business accelerate growth, onboard new staff, and pick up clients with more ease than ever before.

  5. Backup And Disaster Recovery Bring Big Opportunity To CSPs With Cybersecurity Offerings

    Cloud service providers are on tap and ready to help companies stay ahead of cybersecurity threats, which is one of the biggest growth opportunities for 2019. Following are key areas to consider as you launch your growth strategy and prepare for the year ahead.

  6. The Dying Case For Hourly Billing: 5 Talking Points For Winning The Managed IT Discussion

    Let’s face it: most hourly billing is nothing more than “paying for downtime” with a little lipstick and a fancy title. Is this truly the end goal for a client? Fully unintentional, yes. But if a client is only calling you to save the day when the sky is falling, they’re rewarding you to put out fires and keep the shaky boat afloat.

  7. Channel Marketing: The Metrics That Matter Most

    Research has found that, on average, high growth firms track 33 percent more metrics than their average growth counterparts. This makes sense, especially when you consider metrics are all about making your strategies accountable, as well as testing and continually improving them.

  8. 5 Tips For Malware Damage Recovery Success

    In dealing with recovery from a malware infestation, it is vital the IT Support Technician consider all the various forms of damage that may have occurred.  Only by recognizing and investigating all of these categories can you ensure a successful recovery.

  9. Cybersecurity Services: The Ugly

    Technology is evolving so quickly with infinite opportunities and potential pitfalls. Blockchain, quantum computing, 5G, and self-driving cars — here we go, enjoy the ride!

  10. What To Do When Your Heart Is No Longer In Your MSP But You Can’t Leave

    There may be a number of reasons a person will want to leave the business but still own it. When it is time to leave your business because your heart is simply no longer in it, here are some tips to help you transition to an absentee owner.