From The Editor | August 12, 2013

You Become What You Look For In Life

By The Business Solutions Network

Education IT News For VARs — November 26, 2014

At last week's RSPA RetailNOW 2013, the keynote speaker, Roy Spence, talked about the need and importance of purpose in what one does. His closing remarks, while not overly original, were impactful in the way he strung them together, and most importantly, quite relevant in both personal and professional life.

"You become what you look for in life," he explained.

"If you look for enemies, you will find them.
"If you look for hate, it will fill your heart.
"If you look for gossip, it will consume you.
"If you look for fear, it will follow you."

"However," he continued, "there's another path you could take in your day-to-day lives."
"If you look for friends, you'll be befriended.
"If you look for love, it will lift you up.
"If you look for truth, it will set you free.
"If you look for hope, it will take you to higher ground."

Something to think about as we begin our weeks.