Magazine Article | October 17, 2014

Win Over Retailers With A Cloud-Based POS Solution

By The Business Solutions Network

A retail POS VAR and MSP (managed services provider) wins a $30,000 subscription-based POS and managed services install with a specialty retailer that includes recurring revenue and upsell opportunities.

A majority of Randy Roe’s 25+ years’ experience in the retail POS space has been spent running VAR companies with other business partners. One thing that never made his previous business ventures a perfect fit, however, was the fact that his other business partners were never all in agreement with his progressive ideas about bundling POS systems with managed services and offering hosted POS systems as an alternative to premise-based POS systems. In March 2011, Roe had the opportunity to start his own retail POS VAR company, Retail Technology Services (RTS) and, as the sole founder, was finally able to act upon his insights about cloud POS and managed services.

The process of finding a cloud POS vendor partner wasn’t an instant success, and Roe’s decision to venture into an area that’s uncharted by many retail VARs was tested early on. One of the first companies with which he partnered ended up being acquired by a major bank and dropping its reseller program. But Roe’s determination never wavered, and he was eventually vindicated about a year ago, following a POS win with Ben Franklin Crafts in Redmond, WA.