Magazine Article | October 17, 2016

Win Big With Android

By The Business Solutions Network

Migrating its software to Android freed this ISV from Windows-based restrictions and gave its Little Caesars franchisee a better overall solution.

When the Android operating system first gained mainstream popularity, many enterprise software developers were hesitant to code for the platform for a variety of reasons. However, the passage of time and improvements to Android have changed the opinions of many. While Windows still has its strengths and can be a viable platform for many applications, more developers are shifting energy toward Android. The timing couldn’t be better. Many merchants have shown interest in Android for their businesses, based on their personal experiences with consumer phones and tablets. One developer that’s made a shift to Android is Pathway POS. To better understand the reasons behind this shift, one need only look at the case of one of its customers — a Little Caesars franchisee.