Blog | May 6, 2013

Why Sell Loyalty Solutions?

Matt Pillar

By Matt Pillar, chief editor


Retailers are hot for customer intelligence, and there’s no better source for that data than from their most loyal customers. But, market demand isn’t the only reason VARs and ISVs should add loyalty programs to their solutions portfolios.

Booker Software is an ISV that’s experienced wild growth by creating subscription-based software applications for a variety of hospitality and service-based retailers. It started as a simple scheduling interface for service-oriented retailers (spas, salons, and automotive services, for example), and blossomed into a full, integrated software suite that includes POS, payments, loyalty, and gift cards.

Booker COO and CTO Daniel Lizio-Katzen says the development of its loyalty and stored value module has given his customers exactly what they want; the linkage of its core POS and scheduling applications with a loyalty program creates a tight and granular view of customers and their individual spending preferences. “With a detailed view of purchase behavior at the customer level, retailers are better-equipped to market to them intelligently,” he says.

But, there’s more to it than making retail clients happy. We asked Lizio-Katzen what’s in it for the solutions provider. “Incorporating a loyalty system into your POS software sale increases the stickiness of the offering and provides your own brand with greater visibility with the merchant,” he said. “Whilst POS solutions enable the collection of funds, loyalty programs enable the collection of customers -- which directly drives more recurring revenue to everyone in the payments chain.”

Lizio-Katzen will be featured in the upcoming June issue of Business Solutions where he'll talk in greater length about the payment processing components of his software. Don't miss it.