Blog | August 30, 2012

Who Else Wants A $750,000 Sale?

By The Business Solutions Network

If you're a VAR focused on retail IT solutions, you should be including IP cameras in your product set. If you're not, you're missing a huge opportunity.

The facts are:

  • IP camera solutions are more affordable than ever
  • IP camera solutions are more powerful than ever, and useful for more departments than simply loss prevention
  • Your networking skills empower you to deploy IP-based solutions
  • A lack of networking skills among traditional security dealers means many are ill-equipped to compete on an IP level
  • Your customers trust you because you installed and support their most important asset -- the POS system
  • You can't survive selling POS alone. IP cameras are a natural extension of a retail IT system
  • 80% of recently-surveyed retailers indicated their next camera purchase will be IP

If you've been following this blog for any time now, you know that I've written a number of articles that highlight the above points in various ways. Here's my latest attempt to convince the naysayers.

We recently spoke with one of our readers, a small VAR located in the northeast. The VAR's bread and butter is selling point of sale solutions to both retail and hospitality customers. Experiencing slow sales, the VAR's owner recognized that he could grow his business by adding video surveillance solutions to his line card. Within months, he was working hand in hand with Mobotix, an IP camera manufacturer, to install cameras in 150 locations for one of his customers. When the install's complete, the VAR says the total project size could reach $750,000! Additionally, the VAR is in the process of pitching its new IP video surveillance solutions to the rest of its customers.

Final thought: rather than struggle to find new customers in need of POS equipment, why not upsell your existing stable of customers with a new IP camera solution that can improve their business?

All the conditions are ideal. Now is the right time to add IP video to your line card.