Blog | May 16, 2012

Where Are They Now? Intellicheck Mobilisa (Jan. 2010)

By The Business Solutions Network

In January 2010, Business Solutions magazine featured Steve Williams, COO of Intellicheck Mobilisa, a software developer focused on the government vertical. Things were going great for the company. In fact, the year prior the company was ranked as the 170th fastest growing company in North America on Deloitte's 2009 Technology Fast 500. During our conversation, Williams explained how successfully navigating the complexities of government contracts was contributing to his projected 30% growth. So, what's happened since? I was particularly eager to find out if the government vertical faced the same financial struggles as the private sector markets over the past few years.

How has your business fared since we last spoke with you?

Williams: We’ve recently completed our best 12 month period since the inception of the company in 1994.

What has contributed most to your success since we last spoke?
Williams: We’ve recently restructured our sales and marketing team both organically and inorganically. We have always focused on direct sales though we did use VARs in the past.  Our new focus not only includes our organic sales force but the established sales channels utilized by one or more of the large hardware vendors.  By including our software in their offerings, we will dramatically increase the size of “our” sales force.

Are there any new technologies/solutions you're offering which are impacting your business?
Williams: We’ve introduced new products in all three business units. Our government identity group offers real time law enforcement criminal checks and also introduced a cloud computing model for our state and local law enforcement clients. Our commercial identity clients now have the ability to include a new solution for loss prevention. Our wireless group introduced the buoy system to detect things on the water.

Speak to any failings you've experienced since we last spoke.
Williams: We attempted to hire several high end business development people that didn’t develop a revenue stream. This was due to a variety of issues from long lead times to market development.  The ROI on senior BD personnel has to be realized in 12 to 18 months.

Are there any other tips/tactics that you think are worth mentioning that are contributing to your success?
Williams: Expanding our sales efforts in house and incorporating our software in other company's solutions allows us to penetrate new markets.