Blog | December 21, 2012

Where Retailers Are Spending Their IT Budgets In 2013

By The Business Solutions Network

NRF's Big Show, the retail industries aptly named expo, is just around the corner. In anticipation of the event, I've been receiving briefings from various manufacturers and have been given hints at new products that will be announced at the show next month.

It all has me wondering what's real and what's hype, and where retail-focused IT VARs will really find success in 2013. To answer those questions, I brought in an expert. Matt Pillar is the editor-in-chief of Integrated Solutions for Retailers (ISR) magazine and a contributing editor to Business Solutions magazine. He's been covering the retail industry from one point of view or another for more than a decade.

In the below video, Matt shares the results from one of the more recent surveys conducted to the ISR audience, and gives actionable advice that VARs can take to the bank in 2013.