Blog | July 6, 2012

What A Small Pizza Shop Taught Me About Digital Signage

By The Business Solutions Network

As we speak with readers -- particularly in the retail point of sale (POS) space -- about the challenges they face in their businesses, we often hear about the need to find new revenue sources. A great revenue source that I've covered a few times here on this blog is digital signage. But is the technology, and are your customers, ready?

Yes to both. In fact, about a month ago, I did a video blog called 3 Signs Digital Signage Is Ready For Your Line Card. In that post, I mentioned "increased customer interest from seeing successful pilots" as one of the reasons your customers might be ready for digital signage today. Well, between then and now, I came across a homemade version of digital signage that proved to me that retailers really have come a long way toward embracing this technology for its business benefits.