Guest Column | October 12, 2016

6 Ways To Improve The Security In Your Offering

Austin Justice, Justice IT Consulting

By Austin Justice, Vice President, Justice IT Consulting and ASCII Group Member Since 2015

The cyber security threat to small and medium businesses is growing at an alarming pace. It’s imperative that, as an IT Solutions Provider or Managed IT Service Provider, you integrate security into your offering as businesses will increase their dependence on your company to protect their data and ability to operate through these treacherous times as a result.

Adding security to your offering does not require large capital investments, a series of security certifications, new specialized staff or a team of white hat hackers. Security can be added to your offering with a few simple changes and product additions.

  • Double Down On Your Existing Security Offerings
    Managed anti-virus, spam filtering, patch management, and web filtering are all most likely integrated into even your basic service offering. These are the baseline security measures that must be in place to start protecting your clients. While any IT person knows these security measures can be circumvented, no network is protected without them. Once these are in place, optimize the performance and security of each security service. For example, in most anti-virus software, adware and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) are ignored by default. Make sure these settings are configured to quarantine those threats. Strictly configure the settings on these Keystone Security Offerings, but not so strict you get a call from your client’s CEO.