Blog | September 5, 2013

3 Ways Handling HR Yourself Hurts Your MSP Practice

Source: Ingram Micro

By The Business Solutions Network

CEA Publishes Accessibility Resource Center

Originally seen on Ingram CloudTalk

Whether you’re a VAR, MSP, or CSB (cloud services broker), there’s a good chance that part of your success comes from being your customers’ outsourced IT departments. With that said, how could you ever conceive of turning the hiring process over to a staffing agency or some other outside firm? While it may seem that having full control over your HR decisions is the better choice for you and your customers, consider the following counterpoints made by John Redman, manager of professional services operations at Ingram Micro in his latest article, Don’t Let an IT Staffing Shortage Stunt Your Business Growth. Redman challenges resellers to ask themselves whether any of the following three scenarios apply to them:

1. Underutilized Technicians. You hired additional technicians in anticipation of winning a couple of big contracts, but then those contracts fell through and now you’re overstaffed, trying to find meaningful tasks and projects for your techs to do and prolonging an inevitable layoff.

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